Win at all costs!


It’s amazing to me how a phrase such as “Win at all cost” can on the surface seem so simplistic and singular in meaning.

These seemingly simple phrases are thoughtlessly tossed on the pile of mindless axioms and only used when we want to drive home a point.

The tricky part of all of this is the fact that the words we hear or the phrases we quote are limited by the definitions we are taught and the philosophy of the environment in which we live.

But let’s do something bold and retrieve the phrase “Win at all costs” from our mental pile of mindless axioms.  Let’s step back and broaden our default definitions and hopefully we will walk away better people.

Win – who doesn’t want to win?  I like to win… I tend to be pretty competitive when playing a game.  If I am on a team, I want it to be the winning team.

No one should make it a life goal to be a loser.

But let’s define “win”.  Typically “win” is defined by a score that measures the particular activity in which we are engaged.  Usually it’s the highest number that wins but there are some games such as golf where the lowest number wins.

Regardless of the type of activity, it’s based on the numbers, something tangibly measurable.



But there are other kinds of “wins” that are not tied to toys or numbers.

I contend that to “win” could be anything that brings you more of what you want.

The last sentence then begs the big question… what do we want in life?  Is it toys, money, to be on top or something else?

There are some big wins that have nothing to do with numbers.

Take a look at this video.  It’s pretty cool.

It’s a story of a competitive team that can teach us a broader definition of what it means to “WIN”.


YouTube Preview Image

Regardless of the score, the team was a winner.

See you Thursday.

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