Scalpel or Hammer

Hello, I hope you had a very great weekend.

I am back on this Truth thing again today.  This topic seems to continue to grow.  I was planning to talk about how Truth transforms but I still have some things bubbling around inside about how Truth informs (you will need to read the last couple of blogs to really get a feel for what I am sorting through).

As I said, Truth is all around and continually bumping into us trying to get our attention.  It’s kind of like a thirteen year old girl who seems to “accidently” show up the same places of the boy she likes and is constantly trying to catch his eye.  He of course is daft and oblivious to her cues.

Truth pursues us and is constantly trying to catch our eye.  Unless we are looking for the cues we too stroll along missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

Truth wants our attention and sometimes the vehicle for Truth is another person.  Personally I don’t like it much when another person is involved.  People make things messy.

I would rather have circumstances teach me my lessons not people.  This is by far the best Truth delivery process for me personally.  With my finely honed awareness and keen insights, people pointing things out in me are not necessary… AT ALL.  Well, at least I don’t think so.

As I said earlier, people make things messy.  Circumstances don’t make judgments and they don’t argue.  There are no ulterior motives, emotional baggage, or sensitivities that need to be navigated.

Truth has power, tremendous power.  And Truth in the hands of another person is a scary proposition.

The problem is, people intuitively know the power of Truth and in the wrong hands truth is used to hurt vs. heal.

“I never gave anyone hell.  I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.”

- Harry Truman

Truth in the right hands is amazingly beautiful and powerful.  Truth pierces, it is surgical.  It may not be comfortable but it brings healing and produces freedom.

In hands of people with a wrong motive, Truth becomes a blunt instrument inflicting head or heart trauma.  This of course produces more injury and adds another stone to the bag of rocks we all carry (3/4/10 blog).  What the person is saying may have the core of Truth.  But it is lost in the clutter of motives and the noise of emotion.

Have you ever known someone who felt it was their duty to set people straight?    They project the notion that they are to be the messenger of fact and are obligated to make sure you know where you fall short.

Here is a very Important Point:  It is never our role to set people straight.

It is important to remember, we cannot transform others.  No matter how much we want to change a person we cannot.  In fact, us trying to change a person builds resistance.

There is no question that there are times when we are called to share truth.  It may be uncomfortable for the other person and difficult for us.  It is not easy offering a gift knowing that rejection is likely.

But love gives.  There is beauty and power in Truth purely offered, centered in love.  A gift of Truth given with no expectations… just given knowing that at some time the other person will open their hand and receive.

This is where the miracle occurs.  Truth transforms.

I don’t want to get into this now because this is what I will spend some time talking about in Thursday’s blog.

See you then.

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