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Are you new to my blog journey or are you an old friend?  I can’t tell who you are or how many times you have visited.  I just know how many visitors I have on any given day. 

I kind of like the anonymity.  It keeps me from getting nervous.  For all I know you could be Oprah, Joe the Plumber or Lady GaGa.  Or you could be a person like myself that is remarkably ordinary, enjoys the journey of life, and likes to know how other people see the world.

I have become more and more fascinated with life, people, and nature.  Something continues to be awakened.  In the early blogs I talked about a stirring within.  There is something inside pushing at the confines testing the potential of release.  Sort of like one of those street mimes who silently and methodically work their hands around the invisible box. 

It is not a negative feeling at all.  In fact it is joyous.  Movement indicates life, and new life always brings joy. 

That’s why I am pumped at having a blog.  It is not because I think it’s cool, but because this blog was the eventual manifestation of one of those invisible rumblings. 

Side Note:  Sometimes life can become so rhythmic that the repetitive cadence creates a comfortable stupor.  The essentials of life continue to progress with their defined routine.  Nothing is bad, nothing is wrong, nothing is happening, nothing….

Please don’t get me wrong.  Having routine in life is normal and appropriate.  Nor am not talking about thrill seeking, or doing something dramatic just because you feel bored.  (Jesse… what were you thinking?  Poor Sandra and the kids have to live with the pain of your need to be a thrill seeker.  Not cool!)


I believe there is a continuous call for us to awaken from our stupor.  A Divine tap on the shoulder that is trying to get our attention to realize the dormant seeds inside that just need a little tending. 

What are the things we can do to awaken the dormant seed?  Simple, take a lesson our childhood.  Three simple words stop, drop and roll.  Uh… oops!  My mistake.  That’s what you do when you’re on fire. 

Let’s try again.  How about stop, look and listen (yep, that’s better)?  I know that’s what we were taught about crossing the street but it applies to this.

Stop:  Anytime… just stop… pause long enough to disrupt the cadence of the moment.

Look:  Slowly look around and see something simple and seemingly ordinary that may catch your eye.

Listen:  Literally say a quick statement (for me it is a prayer)  “Help me to hear what I need to hear.”  Then open your heart and mind and tune your ears to hear something audibly or internally. 

Now do it.  Seriously.   I’ll wait.  Take a moment. 

I have no question that sometime this week you will think of Stop, Look and Listen.  If you do, take it seriously and do it.  Now it may take a couple of weeks but I guarantee that a dormant seed will begin stirring.  We will talk about how you nurture it at another time. 

Enjoy life.  See you Monday.

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