Gifts from the Pile


Something I find fascinating is how at unexpected times our mind burps into consciousness some deep insight or creative idea.  Almost without warning a thought rumbles through our head and suddenly pops to the surface from somewhere down below.

The “Ah Ha” occurs and a deep insight is realized or idea birthed.

As hard as we try, we cannot manufacture these types of insights or ideas.  Although we can’t command these nuggets into existence we can understand the process that produces mind belches.


Side Note: Yes, I realize that the concept of mind belches is downright disgusting to some of you.  Sorry about that.  Just be glad that my mind did not gravitate in the other direction.


As I was saying, there is a process.  Our data filled heads miraculously collects and assembles all sorts of bits and pieces of oddball information and meticulously tucks them away in some closet somewhere in our head for use at another time.

No one knows exactly when or why, but when the time is right our miracle mind begins gathering assorted scraps and pieces from the various closets and throws them in a big pile.

This, in essence, is a mental compost pile.

Now the mysterious process of birthing deep insights commences.  The mental compost pile begins to breakdown the individual pieces as they dissolve into one mass with each other.

Up to this point we have no idea something is going on.  But after a bit we sense a stirring in the pile of scraps because the fermenting process is beginning.


I do think that I’m a big believer in having an idea or having ideas and just tucking them away in the back of your brain.  Even if you aren’t consciously thinking of them, I think they simmer.  You’re working on them, even if you don’t know you’re working on them, and I think having something in your head for a while is a valuable thing.

- Rian Johnson

When you sense something happening, don’t try to overthink what’s going on.  Just turn the mental compost pile occasionally and let it rest.

Before you know it and when you least expect it the insight is crystallized and pops to the surface.


.Some of the best ideas I get seem to happen when I’m doing mindless manual labor or exercise. I’m not sure how that happens, but it leaves me free for remarkable ideas to occur.

- Chuck Palahniuk


In our performance driven world some of you are wondering what you can do to expedite the process.  There is nothing you can to do expedite the results but there are things you can do that improve the chances for quality and quantity mind belches.

Mind Burp Pointers:

1.  Fill your head with stuff.

Seriously.  Feed your head and heart with all sorts of healthy things.  The healthier they are and the greater the variety,  the better.

2.  Be patient with the process.

Let all that stuff you just ingested be sorted and stored naturally.  Don’t try to place the furniture.  Take your hands off and leave it alone.

3.  Be sensitive for the stirring.

When it makes the compost pile the fermenting process will start and rumblings will begin.  Turn the pile occasionally but don’t try to get something before its time.

4.  Relax and go about your business



Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.

- John Steinbeck


It was great having you stop in.  Hopefully my entry today added to your compost pile.

See you Thursday.



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