The Big BUT of Life


Good to see you again.

We have been talking about making decisions.  In our last entry we poked at the fact that we are making decisions all the time… constantly.

The majority of our individual decisions, in and of themselves, are not life altering.  But there are some decisions that are so important that they impact the trajectory of our life.  We can easily list these types of decisions – college, marriage, job change, a move, children, etc.

You will note that these types of life altering tangible decisions tend to be linked to a fixed point.   But surprisingly, these decisions are dwarfed in significance by those that are more abstract in nature.

These major abstract decisions are tied to the core of who we are and how we go about life.  The core are made up of the values and the philosophies we have decided to live our life by.  What we decided here dictates our life.


When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.

- Roy E. Disney


These core decisions impact all sorts of stuff such as:

  • How we raise our children
  • How we handle our money
  • Our moral compass
  • The standards we live by
  • How we treat people

Who we are and what we believe drives all of our decisions, no matter how small.  Earlier in the blog I mentioned that most of the decisions we make are not life altering in and of themselves.   This is true… but.  Here’s the big BUT.

The aggregate effect of these thousands of decisions define who we are, where we are in life and the direction we are going.  Collectively, they are our life.


You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.

- Alvin Toffler


Now some of you reading this may be going through an “Oh CRAP” moment right now.  You’re bummed because you are not where you want to be or anticipated being in life.

Let’s say it’s true that many of your decisions have hindered you.  We have all been there to some degree.

The good news is that where you are doesn’t dictate where you’ll be.

How cool is that.  Two years from now you don’t have to be where you are now.  You may not believe it but it’s true.

BUT… (There’s that big “BUT” again.  It always gets in the way.)… But you have a decision to make.

This may sound weird but the decision you make today is this.  What shift are you going to make in the way you approach life that begins shaping the thousand tiny decisions that you make every day?

It may sound ominous but a small shift of thinking will change the lane  of you life.

Think about it.

Let’s talk more about it later.


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