Making A Memory

Aloha.  No… I’m not in Hawaii.  “Aloha” just popped in my head so I said it.  It’s probably obvious by now that weird things pop in my head and I just go with it.

I have had the privilege to travel several places, two of which are Hawaii and Wales.

Side Note: Yes, I know that this is a weird comparison but stick with me and you will see that it comes to a remarkably meaningless point.  (just kidding… just kidding)

My wife and I visited Hawaii first and then a few years later to Wales.  The native language of both is remarkable, and they are especially interesting when compared side by side.  Here is a representative example of the two languages in comparing the names of two towns… Kealakekua, Hawaii and Pwllgwyngyll, Wales.  My wife said she thought that Hawaii should share some of their vowels with Wales.

This a small weird example but that’s the excitement and joy of going to new places… the thrill of experiencing something different and finding quirky things.

The example may be travel but there’s a principle here that is important for all of us who desire to grow and learn.  Being willing to try new things and go to new places is the cornerstone.  This does not mean traveling to exotic places or doing expensive stuff.  It is just stepping beyond our circle of comfort.

It is important to point out that sameness and constancy is not a bad thing.  There is a very important place for this.  Sameness and constancy provide a stabilizer in a very turbulent chaotic world.  But if not careful, these stabilizing elements subtly sedate and we are slowly absorbed into complacency.  And we drone along in life missing multitudes of simple joys that are just outside arms reach because our fingers are comfortably clasped resting on our tummy.

An analogy that fits my thinking is this, sameness and constancy is kinda like the prairie land mass and the different and quirky are the mountains and valleys.  I personally believe that you need both in proper levels to experience life’s fullness.

But it’s the different and quirky experiences that provide dimension and texture to life and it is these that create the memories.

So as you know (if you have been hanging out with me on this blog for any length of time), I like to try different things.  Well… I want to share something that me and some friends did the other evening that was great fun, somewhat quirky (not kinky) and very entertaining.

And yes… because a risk was taken, this activity created a memory that we will share and talk about for years.

So join me Thursday for the details.  It may be something you would like to try.


Weird Side Note: Aloha… Hello and good-bye.  Pretty cool word, or were they just being lazy?

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