The Event

Howdy.  Good to see you again.

Last Monday I talked about pushing yourself to try something a little different.  It doesn’t have to be anything exotic just be creative and try some new things.  They make great memories.

I mentioned that I would share something creative I did with some friends the other evening.  It was a great time.

Side Note: Well, I have really set myself up.  I have built this up and after you read about our adventure you’ll probably say… “Wow, if that’s an adventure to them they must have a really boring life.”  Probably so, but it really got some of my friends out of their comfort zone.

The Event

I have included the details in case you want to try it with a group of friends.  You can do this with most any number but there were a total of four couples in our group.

I love the show “Top Chef” so I put together this activity.

We invited the three other couples over and of course they asked what they could bring.  We told them that we had everything arranged for dinner but that we were going to play a game and we needed them to bring twenty dollars in five dollar bills per couple.

Here are the steps for your own adventure:

  1. Randomly create teams of two (we drew colored poker chips from a bag)
  2. Each twosome name their team
  3. Randomly draw what course of the meal they will prepare.  We had four courses of salad, side dish, main course and dessert.
  4. Each team selects a sealed envelope with money for their course.  We had increments of $10, $15, $20, and $25.
  5. Each team was told they could use any food in the house and spices.  Everything else they needed came from their money.
  6. Every team then had 45 minutes to go shop for their food and be back to the kitchen.

When I started explaining the evening activity I got a little nervous because some of the people didn’t look too excited but I just continued with the instructions.

When I finished the instructions the group exploded with activity.  The shopping and preparing were wonderfully wild.

The dinner was outstanding.  The two guys who can’t cook were fortunate to get the salad course and $25 (and they still went over budget… go figure).  The main course was amazing on a $15 budget.

Although the food was great, the best part of the evening was the laughing, joking, and swapping stories from our individual adventures.

At the end of the meal I had created a little scoring sheet where each team was scored on a scale from one to five (five being excellent) in three categories.  The categories were taste, presentation and creativity (teams could not rate themselves).

The winning team won $10 to split between the members.

This evening was a memory maker.  We could have had a dinner party as we usually do and had a wonderful time… but not a memory maker.  Thankfully I took a risk and put a little effort into planning the evening.

Taking a little risk made all the difference.

I encourage you to dream up your own adventure.

See you Monday.

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