Deep Calls to Deep

I started this entry early this morning in St Louis.  I am in Indianapolis and just now finishing.  Weird day. 

Monday Morning:

I’m feeling very introspective this morning.  There are all sorts of stuff tumbling around and I sit here trying to logically sort out the moving thoughts and emotions. 

There’s a lot of movement… not erratic or helter skelter… deep currents in motion.  The types of things that slowly emerge into momentary recognition and then silently sink back. 

These are not troubling stirrings but substantive truths trying to make their way to consciousness.  I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that there is a difference between being troubled and being stirred.

Side Note:  Every time I use the word stirred it think of Bond, James Bond… “I’ll have mine stirred not shaken.” 

Yes, I know… I’m weird.


When I am troubled I know that something is going on that needs attention and decisive action is the cure.  But when something is stirring the opposite is true.  For me, when something is stirring I need to just be open, reflect (not try to figure it out), give it some time to allow it to surface.

Also, I recognize that the stirrings I am currently having today are deep Spiritual things… God stuff… not normal personal stuff.  There are stirrings that are important personal things that tumble around inside. These take shape with time, thought, reflection and logic.  But this is not true with Spiritual things.

You cannot logic out Spiritual things. Spiritual things are reveled.


I don’t know about you but God stirrings cause my ears to perk up and my head to tilt.  I know that there is something for me to pay attention about.

Oswald Chambers said that earthly things are thought out by logic and insight but with Spiritual things you must obey your way out.  Humm,  Very interesting thought.

Side Note:  If you have never heard of or read Oswald Chambers you have missed a treat.  He was a Scottish minister from around 1900.  He thinks on a different spiritual level.  My wife and her friend talk about Ozzie. 

What kind of stirring has been going on with you?  Is it a God stirring or just deep thought? 

I know that I have been writing a lot on stirring lately.  I have been a bit concerned but I write what I believe I am to write.  Either there is something God is trying to get at in me or in you.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

See you Thursday.

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