The Point of Passion

Howdy.  I’m movin kinda slow this morning.  It is obvious that I was moving slow yesterday because today is Friday and I am typing Thursday’s blog. 

Although I was moving slow yesterday there was something that occurred that has been poking around the edges of my mind.  I had coffee with a dear friend yesterday and he was talking about the importance of finding the resonant passion in our life. 

There are a lot of exciting things that energize us but they tend to be short lived.  Engaging in things that are exciting provide momentary explosions of energy and enjoyment.  But resonant passion… that is energy and joy on a different level.

People who are musical talk about the resonance that certain rooms possess.  You can hum and when you hit the exact pitch and the whole room seems to vibrate.

Side Note:  For some reason large public bathrooms are particularly exciting. 

Now, now we are talking about music.  I know that I am weird but not that kind of weird.  I am a nice weird… I think it’s time to quickly move on.


A resonant passion is something that makes your whole life vibrate.  There are parts of our lives that tend to be mundane.  That’s normal.  There are the daily requirements that maintain the basics of life.  If not careful the mundane can become the focal point and our lives dry up.

I believe that resonant passion is something that touches you in such a way that it makes the mundane meaningful.  The mundane has meaningful purpose because it allows greater passion to be realized.

“We could hardly wait to get up in the morning.”

-  Wilbur Wright


Typically I am a morning person.  But to have a resonant passion that makes me impatient for the morning is intriguing.  I remember as a kid wanting morning to come quickly on special occasions such as Christmas, vacation, or trash day (I threw in trash day to just see if you were paying attention… although trash day can be pretty exciting).

My friend continued to push me to think about times in my life when I was engaged in something productive that made me feel alive and vibrant.  What was it about those events that sparked life?  As he shared he talked about the fact that it wasn’t the specific activity that made him alive but what it represented.  The specific activity tapped into something that was deeper.

He indicated that his resonant passion was setting people free from their self-imposed limitations.  As we were talking he was getting more and more excited… vibrating you might say.  Why?  Because he was trying to help me break free of my self-imposed limitations. 

So the question for myself (and for you) is, what is it that sparks life… makes me vibrate?  I have to remember not to get locked in to the specific activity but what the activity touches.

So my self assignment this week is to be attuned to the things that make me vibrate. 

Side Note:  If you happen to be in a hotel room while reading this and you’re getting all vibraty you may need to turn off the “Magic Fingers”. 

That statement really shows my age.

See you Monday

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