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Unlike Monday I am passionate this morning about today’s topic.  We are just three days from Independence Day.

I am passionate about FREEDOM.

One our top four holidays in the United States is the Fourth of July where we celebrate our independence as a country from the British Empire.

Whenever you look at something like freedom it is important to look at it from both sides.  Both sides?  Yes, both sides.  When seeking freedom it is important to know if we are getting freedom “from” or “to”.  This is a very important delineation as to the core motivator of any action to become free.

I had a friend one time that was planning to take a new job and I asked him if he was leaving from or going to.  This question set him back and caused him to think about what was driving the decision.  He eventually decided to not take the new job because it crystallized for him that he was trying to get away from something vs. go to something.  For him, he knew that he needed to face the issues of his current job and not escape via another job.

There is no question that most of the time there is both a “from” and a “to” when seeking freedom… but one is dominant.

Having a clear understanding of the driving motivator may not change your course of action as it did with my friend but it does provide important context for our actions.

I mentioned last Thursday that a driving passion of a friend of mine is to help a person to become free from anything that keeps them from experiencing the fullness of life.  Over coffee he was trying to challenge me about things that tend to trap me from taking some bolder steps in business (and life).  He was being my freedom fighter.

Side Note: There are a lot of people who will stand on the sidelines and cheer us on and provide encouragement.  But there are only a few that will fight for you.

Think about that for a second.  What did you think of first ?  Honestly my first thought was an analysis of who I know that fights for me.

The bigger question is, are you a fighter or just a supporter?  I believe that there are people around you right now that need someone to fight for and with them, not just an encourager on the sidelines cheering them on.

The most important aspect of gaining freedom is that we have to realize that we are not free.  There are some things that are very clear that we know we need freedom from.  Maybe its an addiction, way of thinking, debt, etc.

But I also believe that there are some things that have us captured to which we are completely oblivious.  It is not even on our radar screen that something has us trapped because it is the world we know.

I freed a thousand slaves and could have freed a thousand more if they only knew they weren’t slaves.  – Harriet Tubman

We are not free yet.  We have achieved the freedom to be free.  – Nelson Mandela

Hopefully I have given you something to think about as we celebrate our freedom.

See you Monday.

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