Unsatisfied With My Satisfaction

Humm… I bet some of you are wondering about my title.  Me too as a matter of fact.  I am not totally sure what it means but there’s something there that rings true.

That’s what exploring is all about, following your instincts.  I have found for me that it is not good to follow stuff willie nillie.  But if I am open and sensitive, my “TRUTH” sensors are activated when there is something nearby of significance and meaning.

The key is learning to recognize the subtle signals of truth that have the ongoing challenge of piercing the noise of life to get our attention.

There is something about the title statement that is worth poking at.  We may find that there is nothing immediately to be discovered or we may uncover a real jewel hidden in the clutter.

Side Note: When searching for TRUTH no effort is in vain, even if you don’t discover anything at the moment.  I believe more and more that our heart and head collects meaningless stuff… meaningless in and of themselves.

I guess you could call it the plankton of the heart.  The ocean is full of microscopic plankton that seems insignificant in isolation but in essence form the foundation for ocean life.

Over time in our search, the details and clutter of thoughts and information feed larger ideas and concepts.  So let’s take a gulp of plankton and see what happens.

Unsatisfied With My Satisfaction

On the surface if sounds incongruent.  It is sort of like saying that I am unhappy with my happiness.  But exploring requires me to take it a part and examine the elements.

What is, to satisfy?  You can satisfy a hunger, craving, debt, question, requirement, objection, doubt, offense, etc.

Everyone wants to be satisfied and typically want to satisfy those individuals and things around us that need (not want) satisfying.

According to the dictionary it is a verb that means “to fulfill the desires, expectations, needs or demands; give full contentment to:  The hearty meal satisfied his hunger.”

But what is the Truth I need to take from this?  As I poke at this a couple of thoughts come to mind that may have implications for me.

Side Note: The Truths about this topic that jump out for me may not be things for you.  I in no way want to put any of my baggage on you.  I’m sure you have enough of your own.

A couple of points I believe I need to continually keep in mind.

  1. Not every point of dissatisfaction needs (nor should) to be satisfied.
  2. Every good and noble need within my span of control should be satisfied.
  3. Satisfaction, if not challenged, can cause complacency and trap you in a safe cocoon of mediocrity… no venturing beyond into the risky world where you might get bitten.
  4. Satisfaction in your cocoon naturally manifests itself into only doing “just enough” in the lives of those around you.  The tendency to never take things to the next level… Status quo.  You end up doing just enough as a spouse, parent, employee, etc.  You and those around you are bereft from the joy and risks of beyond.

Hopefully I have stirred a bit of dissatisfaction in myself… and you.

See you Thursday.

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