Big Arms and a Clear Head

Hi there.  Good to have you visit.

I learned something this week.  I learned that if you think you may be a writer; don’t read a book by an outstanding author.  Whoa, intimidating.

I am amazed at the art of words at the hand of a good writer.  It is one thing to create a picture using a myriad of adjectives and sentences.  It is quite another when a brilliant word artist pierces your mind with a vibrant image using a few simple words.

My first thoughts were a short lived comparison of the masterpiece I was reading and my feeble little blog.  “Jerry, you don’t want to go there.”

Now don’t go being all concerned about my damaged psyche or emotional condition.  All’s good.  But it has been interesting to discover what kind of stuff was dislodged and started tumbling around inside of me as a result of all this.  Especially being a person who tends to be pretty protective of what people think of me.

I was reminded that things that grab you by the throat and toss you around a bit won’t kill you but gets your attention and forces you to focus.  It quickly causes one to filter the clutter and grab hold of the center of the issue.

The fact that the author of the book I am reading is an outstanding writer says something about him and his talents, not about me.  I cannot be him and he cannot be me… and I think we are both happy.

“I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam!”

- Popeye

It’s a nice feeling knowing who you are.  That doesn’t mean we settle for being less than what we can be, but not be burdened by being something we weren’t intended to be.

It is amazing how much time and energy we spend in our lives trying to be something we’re not.  It is a great relief and joy to know who you are.  Just like Poyeye.

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So this blog journey I started in January is going well from my perspective.  I’m learning a lot and I continue to type away.

I may not be flowery or create great word pictures but I sure hope I make you think.

Oh, by the way, some of you may be wondering what I am reading.  It is the fiction Peace Like a River by Lief Enger.

A Review:

Leif Enger’s remarkable novel Peace Like a River quietly slipped into bookstores in September. Like the smart kid who sits at the back of the class and seldom speaks, it was very nearly overlooked during the brawling Franzen-Oprah hoopla. However, Peace Like a River is a book worthy of the loudest trumpet fanfare and showers of confetti available. Put this one right to the head of the class.

- Reviewed by David Abrams, January Magazine

Bye, see you Monday.

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