A Shallow Well Produces Little Water

Howdy, how are you doin’ today?  For a while I was doing terrific (the operative word is was).  But then it happened.

I was typing away on my blog.  My fingers were dancing across the keyboard barely keeping up with the deluge of thoughts.  Words were frantically flying out of me like at ten year old on a sugar high.

I had written several outstanding paragraphs.  I was feeling really good with myself… until.

Side Note: No, I didn’t accidently delete my writing (which I’ve done before).  I wish it were only that simple.  In fact I intentionally deleted what I wrote.

I hate to admit it but I realized that I was plagiarizing someone… myself.  Yep, the insights I was creating started to sound awfully familiar.  I reviewed some of my earlier blogs and to my chagrin everything I was writing had been posted before.

Wow, this slap to the head stopped me in my tracks.  Talk about loosing momentum.   I sat for a long time kinda dazed wondering if this meant that I was a shallow well with nothing more to offer.

Gee, six months of writing and I’m already tapped out.

Somewhere inside I do believe that I have more to say (the operative word is somewhere).  Ugh!  I think it may mean some hard work.  Don’t get me wrong; writing the blog to date hasn’t been that easy for me.  As I mentioned in my first blog, I am not a writer.  Words have to struggle to the surface for the fingers to type.

The hard work will be in digging the well a little deeper.

“The deeper the well the fresher and purer the water.”

So I have to spend the next couple of days before Thursday’s blog digging.

See you Thursday.

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  1. Great words, Jerry. I’ve needed words just like this more and more over the past few weeks. You’ve said some things in new ways that have really meshed.


  2. Thanks tB. Hopefully we can sharpen each other as we take this journey.

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