Dirty Hands, Sore Back, Great Reward

Have your work gloves on?  You’re gonna need em’.  As I mentioned in my last blog… time to dig.  We are deepening the well.  (If you have no idea what I am talking about you will need to read the last two blog entries.)

My definition for digging Wells (or mines)

Focused effort to pierce the natural to discover something of value.

Important points of consideration if digging a well:

  • People don’t exert effort without a reason (this could be a blog topic all in itself)
  • There has to be a belief that there is something worth digging for below the surface
  • The greater the value the deeper you’re willing to dig
  • There is no guarantee that you will find anything
  • You never know the difficulty of the dig prior to the start
  • Unlike walls that are intentionally built by humans, with wells you are digging through layers of natural formations

Side Note: There is some pretty good information about walls in my third blog entry “The Wall” which I posted on January 11, 2010.  It’s easy to get to in the monthly archives of blogs in the column on the right.

In actuality I am already digging by writing this blog.  The natural question for me is, why dig?  Basically I’m a pretty lazy fellow.   Why should I exert time and energy on digging deeper?  I don’t have to dig if I don’t want to.

But then the issue of what’s important to me, what I value, begins to wiggle its way into consciousness.  The quiet, gentle yet persistent tap on my heart begins to override my natural laziness and objections.

I mentioned earlier in one of the bullet-points that value drives deeper digging.  There are two things that are important enough to me that drive my willingness to pick up the shovel and dig a little deeper.

First, I don’t want to stay where I am.  It’s good where I am but knowing that there is so much more to life to experience and enjoy if I am willing to take a few risks has become a blinding reality.

Secondly, I don’t want to do “just enough”.  I want what I write to be meaningful, not something that is shallow and impotent.

Now a question for you.  What has been tapping at your heart that you have tried to ignore but the persistence is forcing attention?

Be daring for a moment.  Lean your ear toward the tap, accept the reality of its significance and take the next natural step.  The next simple step will be obvious if you do not over complicate or over think the matter.

It will be fun digging with you.  By the way, I dig diggers.  Groan… pretty sad huh?

Adios until Thursday

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