Hard Work, Heavy Shovel and a Kick in the Ass

Have you ever had one of those days where you just didn’t feel like working?   Good.  Now I don’t feel as bad.

Everything I do today feels like a chore.  And to top it off, it seems as though even the simplest of tasks require much more energy.  Believe it or not I have stopped and paused several times and I’m only on my fourth sentence.  Pretty sad huh?

Don’t you feel sorry for me… uh… NO!

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I am certain of one thing.  The people that I know personally who read this blog are shouting at their computers,


They have a good point and have articulated a very important truth – Action has power.

“Life’s rewards go to those who let their actions rise above their excuses.”

- Lee J. Colan, Orchestrating Attitude

Have you ever been in the situation where you had something to do and the more you thought about it the bigger and more difficult the task became?   Stop thinking and step out.

Honesty Alert: Uuuggh, I hate it when I have to be honest.  Especially when it is something that makes me look bad.  But once again… this is the journey I started in January and at times it may mean me sharing stuff that makes me look bad.


The statement above is very very true.  The sad fact is that all too often I don’t even take my own advice.  At least I’m admitting it.  It is very easy for me to put off the chore at hand and instead put on some classical music, grab a best-selling non-fiction and curl up in a chair and read.

My wife while reading this will burst into laugher.  The only thing I got right in the last paragraph is the chair part.  It’s more like chips, chair, TV.  Oh well, so much for image.  But all’s not lost.  I do get a bit of intellectual stimulus because I frequently visit the History Channel.

Side Note: The History Channel is the only place that has the TV shows Pawn Stars and American Pickers.  Don’t judge… they’re really educational… kind of.

Now you understand why I mentioned a heavy shovel in the title of today’s blog – I have dug myself a pretty deep hole and I’m not sure how to get out.

Question:  How’s the best way to get out of a hole you dug for yourself?

  • Stop digging and climb out?
  • Change my ways and do better?
  • Ask for help?

I’m not sure of the best way to get out but the easiest is to pull you in the hole with me and take the focus off of myself.

Okay, fess up.  What do you do when you’re having a rough day?   What is your tendency?  Who do you take it out on?

Just kidding (unless I struck a cord ).  All I know is this… there are day’s when you do great things and then there are just days.  I don’t think this blog will make it to the great list.

Hopefully I will see you Monday.


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