Reunion Tale – Retold

Howdy, good to see you again.

I was reluctant to refer to the reunion again because I didn’t want to ride a good horse into the ground.  But as I reflected on the last two blogs and the reunion I needed to put a serious capstone on the event.

As you know I have had some fun with my wife’s reunion and of course embellished it to my amusement and liking.  But there were several important life insights and learnings that I don’t want to get lost in all the fun.  I believe they are worth sharing and hopefully you find them challenging to you as they were to me.

Typically I am pretty much a free spirit when it comes to the written page.  I just write what pops in my head and sometimes it flows nicely and other times it is a shotgun of ideas fired in hopes that some of the mental buckshot hits a target.

This blog is going to be actually somewhat organized.  There were three things that impacted me during the reunion – thus three points.  (Wow, three points, I know… scary).

I have an insight, a reflection and a question.

An Insight

At the reunion I wanted to get the class in the front of the room and cluster them into three groups based on their high school experience.  I wanted to group them into the “IN” crowd, the “EDGE” crowd, and the “OUT” crowd.

Then I wanted to compare the groups by finding out things like:

  • Who ended up the most successful in business? Marriage? Etc?
  • Who’s most fulfilled?
  • Has your life turned out like you imagined at this point?  Is it better or worse?
  • What would you have done differently, if anything?

True Confessions: Here we go again.  I hate true confessions because it may make me look bad.

The insight was not about my wife’s class but about me.  My mental scenario of grouping the people was not from the standpoint of an academic sociological study of a group of people (which would be interesting) but probably a morbid curiosity to see where people ended up.

In high school I was definitely one who would be grouped in the “OUT” crowd.  In my mind, if my high school classmates were asked where they thought Jerry Rushing would end up in life they would say, “Who?”  The few who did know me would probably say that I would have an ok vanilla life but nothing remarkable.

I think it would surprise most of my classmates that I have had a great life thus far.  It has been anything but vanilla and by the standards of some people… somewhat successful.

Before I get to the insight that impacts us all I feel compelled to make an important clarification.  I am not sharing this grouping scenario and my life as it is today out of arrogance or a “in your face” chide at anyone.  I share it out of thankfulness.

The insight for us all is this.  It doesn’t matter which group you were in at your high school.  It’s irrelevant.  The point I want to make is that at every point in our life we have expectations of the future.  Rarely does reality match our expectations – good or bad.

And the important thing is that…

Where we are doesn’t dictate where we will be.

If things are not going well for you now it doesn’t mean that you are doomed to be there in the future.  You do not have to be trapped by the present.

Conversely, if things are going well it means that we cannot casually expect the good things to be entitled forward.  Good things must be continually cultivated and earned. And even with that… there are no guarantees.

My, my, I had more to write on this topic than expected.  I will need to hit the other two points in the next blog.   No, this was not a ploy to get you to visit again on Thursday.  I don’t play those games.

Just so you know, the reflection and question points are powerful insights to how we best navigate the future.

See you Thursday.

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