The Carrier

Howdy.  Welcome back.

Have you had anything lately just make you smile?  Not laugh or grin… smile.  Actually there’s a big difference.

I ran across this video and it just made me smile.  Take a look.


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I may be a softy but I thought this video was flat out cute.  I just found myself smiling, bobbing my head with the music and enjoying the story.  It left me with a good feeling.

It struck me in such a way as to cause me to do a little internal digging to understand why I responded as I did.

As I sorted through the clutter I was struck by its innocence and simplicity.   I have no question that the innocence screamed loudly to me because we live in such a negative, cynical, angry world.  Everything we hear seems to be fear based and mean spirited.

Side Note: Some of you are probably scrunching your forehead and yelling at the computer… “It’s just a Huggies commercial.  It’s not a big of a deal.”

Maybe… maybe not!


All I know is that a person has to guard themselves from the onslaught of things that jade.  I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I never want to lose the joy of innocence.  If we lose touch with the beauty of innocence we become hard and suspicious.

We soon trust nothing.  Everything is suspect.  Sad isn’t it?

Some may say that I may be a bit naive.  Nope, I am very aware of the perils of our world.

But I also know that hardness and distrust begats hardness and distrust.  Cynicism breeds cynicism.  So I have made a decision.  I have decided not become a carrier.

There are far too many Typhoid Mary’s of negativity.  The problem is most carriers don’t know they are sick.  They are oblivious to the problem and they unknowingly spew their disease.

Some may be wondering how a person knows if they are a carrier or not.  I can’t say what it is for anyone else but I believe for me that becoming hard to the joy and beauty of innocence is a key symptom.

So I like it when I run across something that makes me smile.

What kinds of things make you smile?

See you Monday.

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