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Hi, it’s a great day for a journey.

I was listening to a very interesting interview on the radio this morning.  The person interviewed was talking about his life now compared to where he thought he would be while in high school.

He believes that we tend to see our life as a story that unfolds as we go.  Because we see it as such we routinely project the next chapters and even the ending of the story of our lives.

This came to vivid realization when a teacher in his freshman year had his class write a letter to themselves about their future.  His letter to himself outlined the events of his life.  He was going to fall in love, have kids, get a good job at one of the regional paper mills and live a good life… a life much like his father’s.

Four years later, upon graduation, the teacher sent the letters to the students.  He had noticed that his view of life had broadened and the projected events of four years earlier were forced to the edges of reality.  He had changed and had rewritten his future.

He indicated that we can rewrite what we perceive that will happen if we are willing to allow new learnings and current events to become part of the formula for our future.

Side Note: Yep, the blog entry is a bit philosophical today.  As you know, philosophical stuff can be a bit boring and tedious, but stick with me.

I can assure you that you will either read something that stretches and stirs your thinking or you will be sufficiently prepared for a quick afternoon nap by getting you all bored and relaxed.  Either way you can’t lose.


The interview went on to explore on a deeper level this amazing ability to rewrite our future.  Humans have the unique ability to grasp the context of their life.  What I mean is that we understand that we were born and some day we die… that there is a start and a finish to our lives.  No other animal has that ability.

This knowledge makes all the difference.  Animals just live from day to day as instinct and circumstances dictate.  But because we possess this understanding, our view of life has fuller dimension and we are pulled beyond a haphazard nature of existence.

We are naturally led to the notion and question of purpose.  It forces us to ask, what am I to do with this fixed period of time that I call my life?  The grasp of this finite reality ignites the flame of infinite possibilities.

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.

- Yogi Berra


As all of us know, we can’t predict the future.  But there are things that increase the odds of what we want out of life.  Unfortunately far too many of us allow the unpredictability of the future to dictate our present.  If not careful, we live in our safe little world letting life just happen.

Sure, we are not guaranteed of the outcome of any positive efforts we make to impact the future.  But I can assure you of this, the future is impacted by what we don’t do.

The absence of positive action eliminates the risk of failure but assures the absence of reward.

- Me


The future is far too important to coast.  So I think I will camp out on this topic for a while and poke at it from several angles to see what we might learn.

See you Thursday.

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