The Story of Sex


I figured the title would get your attention.  This blog has nothing to do about sex.  But I figured if you knew that there was going to be another blog about the topic of the “future” you would go screaming in the woods.

I was going to start a different topic but there was a quote that I had to share that stirred me on a different level.

Side Note: I have become very attuned to things that stir me.  There is a difference between something being interesting or intriguing vs. a deep stir.  I may not always know what the stirring means or the intent but I listen.

Being stirred on a deep level is a gift, and we are not to be casual about such a sacred thing.  If you want to get a deeper understanding about this “stirring” thing go to the right side of the page to the I Write About list and click on stirring.


Here is the quote that caused me pause.

To a father, when a child dies, the future dies; to a child when a parent dies, the past dies.

- Arnold Jacob “Red” Auerbach (September 20, 1917 – October 28, 2006)


I am not exactly sure what struck me about this quote so I am going to poke at it for a while.  So if you allow me, I will just noodle it over as I write this blog.

For me, this is the way I have found best to explore the things that stir me.  I poke at it with no expectations.  I don’t try to force closure or understanding.  Sometimes it takes a while.  It is like a pot of stew on the back burner that you peek under the lid periodically, stir it, taste it, throw some more ingredients into the mix and let it cook to perfection.

Random Thoughts

To me the quote touches on one’s perspective or vantage point in life.  To one, life’s view was forward and to the other, backward.

To a father, children represent the future beyond ones existence.  To a child a parent represents the source of one’s existence.


I don’t know if this insight is the core of the stirring but it’s in the right vicinity.

I am at the age where both of my parents are deceased.  They were great parents (not perfect) who loved their children.  Also, on the other end of the spectrum my wife and I were unable to have children.

So here I am, according to the quote, with past that has died and a future that never existed.  Now this sounds heavier than what it is but it is sobering.


Now I need to determine what this means.  Is it just a sobering reality or is there a learning that I need to capture.  Something that I need to grab hold to that calls me to a deeper or higher place in my life.

OK, on the burner it goes and I’ll check in to see what, if anything, I am to do with this.

See you next Thursday and I promise… no more future talk.

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