Death by Neglect

Hola Amigo.

I just thought I would try my hand at Spanish today.  Hopefully it didn’t throw you off too much.

I almost talked myself into not writing a blog entry today.  It was tempting.  But I couldn’t let myself stop.  This blog journey is too important to me.

Historically I have started far too many personal initiatives in life to have them wither and slowly die… death by neglect.  It’s easier to let things die that way.

A decision to stop requires acknowledgement of failure and announces one’s lack of resolve.  And since we don’t want to look bad the pill is less bitter if we ignore something to death.

Starting and not finishing wears on you.

I do have a helpful hint.  If you are starting a personal initiative you need to choose something that doesn’t leave monuments.

Monuments to unfinished starts:

  • The dusty exercise machine in the basement
  • The cob web covered skis in the garage
  • The hobby kit that has never been taken out of the box
  • Unused cookbooks
  • Unused lessons
  • Half painted house
  • Credit balance left with Weight Watchers
  • Clothes too small with tags still on
  • Add you own monument

It is a bit embarrassing to talk about my starts and stops.  I also know that many of you can relate.

Here’s the sobering truth if we are not careful.  The starts listed above transform into monuments of failure.   They stand as a symbol of our shortcomings… and, if not careful, we believe it.  If we believe it, we give up trying.

Here is my point for today.  It doesn’t matter the number of starts we make, or the lapse of time to the finishes.  Are we willing to try again?

I am so thankful I am not where I used to be.  A few years ago I would have given in to the whim of blowing off writing this blog.  I am very good at making excuses for non-action… lots of good reasons in my repertoire.

I ran across this video that encourages me to start again, to get back up after I have fallen, to persevere.  Take a look.

YouTube Preview Image


So, I will be here next Monday.

See you then.

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