Unfinished Starts

Hi there. 

Did you happen to see the video at the end of the last blog entry?  If not it is well worth a couple of minutes to scroll down the page and take a look.  It is a wonderful true story on finishing the race.

I think I may have given the wrong impression on the issue of unfinished starts.  If I am honest with myself I may have inadvertently thrown some of my baggage onto your cart by accident.

Side Note:  Throwing our baggage onto other peoples cart is something we all do without intent.  Our baggage is such a part of us that it just bumps into all kinds of stuff.  This is normal (not good necessarily but pretty normal).

The bigger issue is if you let my baggage stay on your cart.  That is, if you recognize it.  We all know a lot of baggage looks the same. 


I probably gave the impression that anything that you started and didn’t finish was a bad thing.  I don’t believe that’s totally the case.  There is something to be said for trial and error. 

In my humble opinion, here’s the nut of the issue (for me at least). 

There are two opposing facts.  There are things you want to do (or be) or called to do (or be) and things in our lives or surroundings that hinder us from getting there. 

This is the marathon race… the moment you see where you can be and set out to get there.  The ways of getting there may be many.  This is the trial and error.  The failure is not being successful in the myriad of things you try to move forward but in giving up the race.

Side Note:  Be open to trying something again that you had tried before.  I think that there is a right timing for certain things.  What you tried a few years ago and cast aside now may be the time to try it again.


I do believe though that there are some initiatives that rise to a different level of significance in the race we run.  It’s one of those things we know in that deep part of us that this particular endeavor will be a major mile marker in our journey.

To me this blog is one of those things for me.  I just know that this initiative for me has breakthrough potential.  So I am not as casual to cast it aside when I’m tired or discouraged.

So I will see you Thursday.  Fight the good fight and keep your baggage off my cart.

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