Arms Full & Dropped Keys

Hi, good to have you hang out with me for a few minutes.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day.  He was sharing all the things going on in his life, the challenges and opportunities.  After I left him it became clear to me that his arms were full and he had dropped his keys.

What I mean by this is that he was loaded with so much he couldn’t go anywhere.

“You can do anything you want but not everything you want.”

- Roger Merrill

I will attempt to make some practical sense of what I am trying to say.

This blog journey I started in January is simply an expedition in the larger journey of my life.  The blog takes a lot of arm space but it continues to be well worth the effort because I know that it enhances the greater.

At some point I may drop the blog.  Anything you drop is because of one of two reasons… design or default.

  1. Design: The item had served its use and now’s time set it aside and move on.  This is an intentional act of release.
  2. Default:  It fell because my arms were too full to carry it all.

I find that life is a series of choices.  There is the constant cycle of taking on and letting go as we roll forward to our desired destination.  For example, I have acquaintances that I enjoyed but they are no longer an active part of my life.  Our lives crossed, we were both enhanced by our relationship but time, distance and personal journeys have taken us to a different place.  These are fond memories and a thoughtful reminder that life rolls on.

This principle is not only true with people we have known but with activities, hobbies, clubs, etc.

The Sobering Question

What do we carry in our arms?  I’m serious.  This is the tough question we must all ask.

You see, we only have a limited capacity and so we must choose carefully what we carry with us and what we set aside.  This ongoing process of daily choices determines whether we move forward vibrant, alive, energized and growing; or we fall prey to arms being overloaded which slows us with strain, drain and insipid existence.

Sad Reality

Here’s the scary one (It’s scary because it is so very real).  Unfortunately, if not careful, we carry something in our arms that not only take up space but literally prevents us from moving forward (dropped keys).

These are things that have negatively happened in our lives that we continue to carry forward.  These things do not get smaller but in fact enlarge and continue to displace good things and will only get worse until a DECISION is made to jettison the load.

What types of things am I talking about?  Things like…

  • A past failure
  • Missed opportunity
  • Lost love
  • Bitterness or resentment
  • Our sack of rocks (see blog on March 4, 2010)
  • Self-hate
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Name your own

This is why the blog I write is so important to me.  I had to jettison some fears to be able to pick my dropped keys and get moving.  As I said earlier, at some point in time this blog will have served its purpose and  it will be time for me to set it down and joyfully add something to my arms that takes me forward.

So I will continue to peck away on this blog and enjoy the beautiful scenery as I roll forward.  So I encourage you to drop something, pick up the keys and get going.

Ciao.  See you Monday.

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