Uncomfortable with Normal

Hi there. 

I embarked on a journey January of this year… a journey to step beyond the comfort of the normal into the risky unknown.   You notice I said the comfort of the normal not that my normal was comfortable.  I’m sure that last statement made you tilt your head and go “huh?”  Let me try to explain.

There is comfort with the known.  The known has a familiarity and predictability.  You know the lay of the land in your life.  It may not be good but you know it and have learned to navigate the waters in which you live. 

Humans naturally avoid the unknown and to top it off we tend to fill the unknown with the worst case scenario.  That’s why so many stay locked in place because the devil we know is better that the one we don’t know.

What amazes me is that people will live for years in a (figuratively speaking) emotionally vegetative state

Just so you know, my life wasn’t terrible… it was quite good.  In fact I had a very good life.  But discomfort began seeping through the cracks.  The discomfort was the awareness that I was living so very far below what God had for me.  There was so much more for me to experience and enjoy if I were willing to step out of my little comfortable world and take a few risks.

“Awareness is like hugging a porcupine, the closer you get the more uncomfortable you become.” 

                   – Me


Awareness is a powerful motivator to take you to into the joyous unknown.  But you have to be willing to become aware.  Here are a few things that helped me become more aware.

  • Read things that stir and stretch you
  • Expose yourself (not that kind of expose) to different things.  If you are a sports nut, go to a ballet.  If you are an “Arts” snob, go to a rodeo.  Yes, I know these are weird examples but you get the point.
  • Ask God to open your heart and mind to new experiences
  • Engage with people that are different than you


After a while, if you are sensitive, you will notice something stirring… coming to life.  You know when things are coming to life when thoughts and ideas that seem out of the blue begin poking around the edges of your heart and mind.  Things like, taking a course, listening to different types of music, etc.  These are like little tender shoots that need nurishing.

Very, very cool indeed. 

Awareness is necessary but not enough.  Once awareness has blossomed you must be willing to take a step.  Action is the key.  This is the point of courage to step out into the unknown, with no guarantees, and take a risk. 

Think like a man of action, and act like a man of thought.
-Henri Bergson                   


Taking a few steps takes you to new exciting places.  My few steps have paid off in amazing ways. 

So… why not join me on the journey and take a few steps. 

Later, Thursday.

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