Pain Lives


I have always been pretty healthy.  Frankly I have had it pretty easy in the area of physical health.  I have been very very blessed in that way.  In fact I had never spent a night in a hospital.

Historically I have avoided virtually all medications except for an occasional Tylenol or antacid. 

I’ve had the normal colds, flu, stitches, broken arm, and sundry scrapes, bruises, smashed fingers and cuts… normal kids and boy stuff. 

But a couple of weeks ago I got sick, real sick.  The doctor thought I was having a heart attack and I ended up in the emergency room. 

          “It is the sick person not the healthy who knows what health really is.”

                             – Oswald Chambers (paraphrased)


I appreciated my health and valued it but you cannot fully grasp health until you lose it or it is in serious jeopardy.  It was the first time in my life I ever felt really vulnerable.  This was a very strange and ominous feeling indeed.

I had surgery on Tuesday.  Compared to many people the surgery was not too serious (gall bladder).  There have been a few complications and it was serious enough to change my perspective on health.  I have a much greater appreciation for health and it instilled a great deal more sensitivity toward those who struggle with illness.

Another insight I have had during this ordeal is the issue of pain.  I have experienced pain as no other time in my life.  Excruciating debilitating pain!

I found you can learn a lot about yourself when in extended pain.  Overall I think I handled it pretty well but then again maybe you should ask my wife.

“It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.”

- Julius Caesar


I did find out that this non-pill taking person (and proud of it) was ready to tear into any medication that would relieve the pain. 

Originally I was going to start this blog with a statement along the line that the journey I have been on was being stalled because of the illness.  But in reality our journey in life is accelerated during difficult times. 

Adversity brings reality into focus.  Life has the tendency to cloud what’s really important.  And adversity also tests ones character.  I probably shared this in one of my earlier blogs but it is well worth repeating. 

Many years ago I was taking a tour on the Wedgewood pottery factory in England.  During the tour they showed a video of the process and during the video the narrator talked about the intense heat of the kiln.  Then he made a statement that pierced me between the eyes.

          “In the fire of the kiln the character of the pot is proved.”


I don’t know about you but I hate the fire of adversity.  But you learn so much.  Good things, Holy things, Powerful things… if we are just willing to listen.

“Speak Lord your servant listens.”

See you Monday

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