Here, But Not All There


It will be pretty easy keeping up with me today.  I’m still moving pretty slow from all the poking, probing, cutting, piercing, sticking, pushing, pulling, and restraining… and that’s just from me shaving this morning, little lone the surgery I had last week.

I feel like a rusty 1983 Oldsmobile that runs on 3 cylinders with smoke pouring out the back and owned by a family of twelve from the hills of Kentucky.

I know, I know, I just offended a lot of Oldsmobile lovers out there.  Sorry about that.

So you can quickly see that I am not at full throttle today.

I am at a weird point in my recuperation.

  • I am getting bored but too distracted by my body to do anything productive.
  • I don’t hurt much and then move too quickly
  • I feel guilty not doing much then can’t focus well to get anything done
  • You can do a few things on your own but not enough to not be dependant on someone else at times
  • You don’t want anyone to hover but you don’t want to be left alone
  • Too out of it to read but tired of TV

Side Note: Speaking of TV, you know you’re watching too much TV when you have seen all the reruns (twice), you have 200 channels and nothing interests you and you begin to believe Oprah is actually talking to you.

So you may be asking, how can you write a blog when only half of the circuit board if functional?  The answer is slowly.  I type and rest, read and delete then type and wait.  And then you just hope that the sentences are somewhat coherent and the thoughts responsible.

Usually when I write a blog I try in some way to turn my thoughts and insights back on you in the hopes that you are stretched, moved or challenged.  Not today.  You’re on your own.

If you happen to pull out anything that is meaningful from today’s blog then you’re a better person than I am.  Or you may have a little too much time on your hands and you might want to consider backing off of your medications a bit.

Thanks for hanging out with me… but not hovering.

See you Thursday.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better Jerry!

  2. Feeling much better. Just running in low gear and still a bit tender. Thanks for asking.

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