Moody Blues

Hi, welcome.  But before you get too far along in the blog I need to give you a heads up.

Fair warning… I’m in a crappy mood today… really crappy.

Don’t ask me why.  I just am.

It’s one of those days that almost everything irritates me… traffic, noise, work, smiley people, and kittens.  Pretty bad huh?

You ever get that way?  This doesn’t happen to me very often.  Usually I am in a fairly good mood and all is well… except today.

Side Note: I think I will blame it on the anesthesia from my surgery almost two weeks ago.  It’s probably not the anesthesia but it sounds good and it’s hard to argue with a fellow fresh from surgery.

A weird thought just crossed my mind.  I wonder if Jesus was ever in a bad mood.  He was human after all.  Yes, he was sinless but it doesn’t mean he didn’t have a bad day.  Having a bad day isn’t a sin.

Think about it.  It would be tough hanging out day in and day out with smelly fishermen and not get irritable.

You think I am writing this to get a cheap chuckle (of which I have been known to do).  Actually I am pretty serious about this.  Was Jesus ever in a bad mood?

Frankly, if he did have bad mood day it would not impact my view or perspective of him one iota.

Side Note: It’s weird how writing goes.  Going down this topic path was not even a thought when I started typing.  It just popped into my brain.  I know… scary.

I think it is hard for us to see Jesus as a human.  Yes He is God but human too.  He was a baby who nursed, spit up and pooped.  I personally believe that he probably argued with his brothers and sisters and had the normal raging hormones as a teen.  So why not a bad mood?

Have you ever done anything dumb and called yourself a stupid idiot?  Do you think Jesus ever made a mistake (not sin)?  If Jesus did make a mistake and called himself a stupid idiot would he be blaspheming?

Speaking of Jesus when He was younger, personally I think it would have been tough being the brother or sister of Jesus.  I mean… how would you respond if your mother asked (in some moment of exasperation like all mothers) you why can’t you be like your older brother?

On a serious note, I had never really thought of it before but I do think it had to be odd and a challenge growing up the half brother of Jesus.  No question it was odd for the entire family.

Does it make you feel uncomfortable reading this description of Jesus?  It wouldn’t surprise me because it feels a little odd and uncomfortable writing about Him this way.

Typically when I think of Jesus I tend to think of him in light of his ministry.  But He was a baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult.  I feel odd because I’m not used to seeing him in these forms.

I really don’t believe He minds us speculating about his early life.  He’s probably smiling.

Ok, ok, enough of the weird blather.

Question:  How do you handle your crappy moods?  Any suggestions?

I am sure I will be fine tomorrow.  I feel better all ready having made a complete fool of myself with this strange blog.  But any thoughts or suggestions would be nice.

See you Thursday.

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