Stop or Cop-Out

Hi there. 

Just so you know from the get go, I am not looking forward to writing this blog today.  I write it very reluctantly… but I must.

If you haven’t read the last blog entry you will need to take a look at it because this entry won’t make much sense if you don’t. 

Side Note:  Go ahead and read it.  We’ll wait on you.  We’ll just hang out here while you backtrack.  Maybe I’ll tell a joke while you’re gone.  Just be quick about it. 


Joke:  Did you hear about the scientist who got deeply depressed because his experiments continually failed?

He tried to cross watermelon and cauliflower and all he got was melancholy. 

Sorry.  Pretty bad huh?  I actually made that joke up. I know, I know, don’t worry, I won’t try that again.


Welcome back!

I honestly believe I made the first part of this blog light and trivial because, as I mentioned, I really don’t want to write on the topic.

As you read in my last blog I saw a young girl really hurting… my heart broke for her.  I didn’t feel I could do anything for her because of the dynamics I mentioned and so I just drove on. 

I want to drive on now but this time there is nothing stopping me.  If I keep driving now it is out of cowardice.  So I stop my usual blog blather and attempt over the next few days to unpack the event.

I have no illusions that my feeble perspectives will change the world.  It is not intended to.  Steve Jobs founder of Apple said that he wanted to make a ding in the universe.  I believe he has.  I do not have such lofty goals.  BUT… I do want to make a ding in you.

If we make enough dings in each other then maybe collectively we can move the world mean-o-meter down a notch or two.

There are a couple of things I need to say before I proceed.

  1. This blog is not intended to be (nor will be) a social or political commentary.  God knows we have enough of that.
  2. I feel totally inadequate tackling such complex and pervasive issues.  There are no new insights I can provide on this topic.  But I can share how it impacts me personally, just one person.  Just maybe it will be something that resonates with you.  When enough people resonate on the same frequency, the world vibrates.


Oh thank goodness… I am to the end of the computer page.  I usually type one page single space per blog entry. 

Side Note:  I asked my wife to read this and tell me what she thought.  She said it was good overall but the ending was a cop-out.  Yep.  Correct.  It is a cop-out.  Sorry if I disappointed any of you in me.  As you can quickly tell I’m not perfect. 


But the reality is, even if I may be able to put off the topic one more day, I must stop and engage.

Just to get your mind set in motion, in the next blog I plan on talking about the foundation or core of the issues… Evil. 

I will need my rest.  I think I am in for some heavy lifting.

See you Thursday.

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