Cocktails Anyone?

Hi there.

I have indulged in a lot of philosophical prattle the past couple of blog entries.  I will try to make some sense of it by bringing it all together in what you might call the toxic cocktail of life.

Recipe for Life’s Toxic Cocktail

Add the following ingredients into a container… one single human life.

Initial Ingredients

  • First take a person’s unique likes, dislikes, talents, personalities and tastes
  • Throw in the family upbringing and home environment
  • Sprinkle personal life experiences and significant events

Mix dry ingredients until thoroughly integrated.  Now pour in a healthy dose of emotion and ego until all the ingredients are completely saturated.

Once saturated, quickly pound and pulverize the mix using societal norms and expectations.  Continue this process until a life paste of dogmatic beliefs, values and perspectives is formed.  This concoction serves as the flavor base for life’s cocktail.

Final Step:  the last action in this recipe is the addition of the two remaining ingredients.  It is important to note that the final two ingredients are mandatory… NOT optional.

CAUTION:  Handle with extreme care.  The formally innocent mix now becomes extremely volatile and unpredictable.

Take the life paste concoction and infuse it with a large portion of GOOD and EVIL.

The instability and toxicity level of life’s cocktail is dependent upon multiple factors.  Primarily it depends on the balance and mix of ingredients.  The proper mix of the ingredients determines the amount of good released or evil contained.

The presence of good and evil as we all know is nothing new.  And we have been surrounded by this cosmic tug-of-war.

Good is released and evil contained when there is a basic understanding and agreement about the definitions of each.  For example, when societal norms align with basic Judeo Christian values laws are established and standards enforced allowing good to hold ground and evil kept in its place.

Even with a fairly stable environment there have always been pockets where evil proliferated.  These pockets exist because evil is tolerated and restraint abandoned.

Pockets of evil, although not acceptable, aren’t enough to disrupt the whole.  But if a society looses its moral footing and a distorted sense of right and wrong emerges the toxicity level becomes lethal.

There is the continual encroachment on the definition good.  The natural trajectory to a fallen world is decay and deterioration.

Now from these lofty heights I will attempt to nosedive directly to the issue that started this series of blog entries – the little girl crying.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

See you Monday.  Ciao.

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