Hello again.

I have no idea what kind of crowd I am going to attract as I attempt to freefall from the lofty heights of philosophical theorizing to the practical reality of a crying girl.

Some of you are wondering the same thing.  I am beginning to believe that a few of you are showing up today with a morbid curiosity to see if I will plummet to my demise.  It’s kinda like the subconscious buzz people experience when watching something dangerous like a risky trick at the circus, NASCAR, or a mother taking twenty kids to Chuck E. Cheese.

So now I stand at the edge of my precipice, with my toes off the edge, leaning forward, looking down and wonder… “What the hell have I gotten myself into?!!!”

Seriously!   Who am I to even think that I can begin to bring any sense to the evil in the world little lone try to impact the enormity of the problems.

But here goes… I take a deep breath… my head and shoulders lean forward… I allow their weight to pull my body from security… my feet follow… I’m off the edge… too late to turn back.

Geronimooo o  o  o  o  o   o!

The Crying Girl

I will need to break up the girl crying scenario into the miscellaneous pieces.  Although they are very intertwined it is the only way I can do it any justice.

Side Note: For this to make any sense you will need to scroll down the page and read the blog entry on October 14 entitled Heavy Load for a Little Girl .

Okay, back to the crying girl.  There are four key elements to the situation.  The first two complicate the situation but did not contaminate it to the degree as did the last two elements.

  1. Environment/Location
  2. Age
  3. Gender
  4. Race

Environment/Location: The girl was walking down the street in a lower-income residential area with very few people around.

If the girl were in a mall or in a neutral location with lots of people it would have provided an environment where my helping would have been more likely.   A public place with lots of people naturally provides a level of security for both me and the girl where behavior can be monitored.

Although behavior could be monitored, motives would be subject to question.  Thus you begin to see the insidiousness and complexity of a corrupt world, where motives are easily questioned when a hurting person is being offered care.  And the sad reality is, there is good reason for motives to be questioned (hey… not my motives but motives in general).

AGE: The girl was about twelve and I am, shall I say… older… not old, but older.  Needless to say it’s obvious that I am an adult.

The interesting age dynamic of this situation is that the closer in age to the twelve year old or at the other end of the spectrum the older a person is, would have allowed the greatest opportunity to help.

Both ends of the spectrum would have projected a level of innocence to the matter.  If a peer approached it would be seen as a friend helping a friend.  If a really old person assisted it would have a greater likelihood of being seen as an action from the heart of a grandparent.  Either end of the spectrum would have minimized perception of evil intent.

In the next blog we start swimming in murkier waters.

See you on Thursday.

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