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Hi, good to see you again.

Yep, the Christmas season is in full swing with all the lights flashing, music blaring, traffic frenzied, and bells ringing.  For me it’s fun… except the traffic… uugh!

I mentioned in the last blog entry that I had a Christmas gift idea for the man in your life.  Before I divulge this top secret idea I need to ask you a question that lays the ground work for my gift suggestion.

How is your attitude toward Christmas now compared to when you were a child?

Take a minute to think about it.  The answer to this question is important.

I, for example, still have very similar feelings about Christmas as I did when younger.  Yes, the grown up version has a greater sense of responsibility and the time between each Christmas seems a lot shorter, but I still get excited.

It takes work to keep your childlike attitude and not to let yourself be molded into thinking like an adult during this time of the year.

Let’s face it, this time of the year can be very pressure packed and demanding.  What I mean is, it is very easy to let things get to you such as the constant hustle and bustle, the clutter around the house during the decoration phase, or the basic realities of juggling finances and time.

This is all the adult stuff of Christmas.  But having to do adult stuff doesn’t demand that you jettison your childlike spirit.

There is nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.

- Erma Bombeck

Now that I have laid some groundwork it is time to share the gift idea for the man in your life.

Side Note: What I am about to share may sound sexist.  My gift idea may work for girls but there are a couple of reasons I preface this for men.

First, I’m a guy and I can’t think like a girl.  Sorry, but my mind can’t make that leap.  I’m afraid that if I even attempted such a feat my brain would get caught in a parallel universe like some weird Sci Fi movie.

Secondly, every time I have shared this idea it seems to resonate much more with men than with women.

The Gift Idea

Give the man in your life… a toy.  Yes, a toy.  I am very serious.  Let me explain.

A few years ago my brother called me after Christmas and told me that one of the gifts his wife got him for Christmas was a BB gun.  He was telling me how much fun he was having shooting cans and such and he stated that everyone should get a toy for Christmas.

I did probably what you’re doing now and just blew off the statement with amusement and casual disregard.  But then something stuck me on a deeper level.

Thankfully I have learned to pay attention when I am stilled like this.  I do not wish to be melodramatic but there are wonderful insights and joys to be embraced if you are willing to listen.   All through this year in my blog entries I talk about being attuned to hear the voice.

Important Note: No I am not talking about the voices in your head that the right medication cures.  I am talking about the voice of the heart that touches you if you are open.

My blog entry called The Voice Again which I posted on March 9 will give you a pretty good sense of what I am talking about.

If you are interested in reading it all you need to do is look on the left side of the page and you will see the blog archives entitled Previous Meanderings.  Click on March and scroll down to the 9th.

Back to my “ah ha” moment.  What struck me was something I had not thought of in years.  And each time I mention this, every one of the people remember.  The person may not remember the date or year but they remember the moment.

Do you remember the Christmas you didn’t get a toy?

Do you remember the feeling?  For most people, and for me, in retrospect it was like something was lost or over… childhood I guess.

When I thought of this question the toy comment from my brother made sense.  Getting a toy isn’t because you are childish but it keeps you childlike.  And we must never loose our childlike nature.  We lose that, the luster of life is lost.

The Toy

If you decide to give a toy, it must be a TOY.  We are NOT talking about a man toy such as an iPod, GPS thingy, or some electronic game or gadget.  I am talking about at TOY… something you play with.

For me I like stuff like Stomp Rockets or one of those inexpensive remote helicopters you fly in the house.

Follow your intuition as you go down the toy aisle because when you see it you’ll know.  For your guy it might be a model (not the female type – that’s a man toy).  I mean a car or plane model.

Give it a try.  It is well worth the risk to get a chance to see the innocent little boy come out.

See you Monday.

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