A New Year’s Kick in the Ass


What a way to start the New Year… cussing.  As most of you know I am not a cusser, but the reality is we all need an occasional kick in the ass to get us moving.

Side Note: I can read your minds now.  There are some out there reading this and laughing at the notion that saying “ass” is really cussing.  You are probably saying to yourself that this guy is a rank amateur if all he can conjure up is the word “ass.”

There are others who were taken back by the word and I went immediately on your prayer list.  Needless to say, I can always use your prayers but I need them for more important things than saying the “A” word.

OK, back to the kick in the ass.  Yes there are times to encourage, sweet talk, and even cajole each other, but not now.

There is something significant about the beginning of a new year that demands our attention by providing the perfect opportunity for a “new start.”

Now this blog is not focused on the traditional New Year’s resolutions that we all make.  I, like many of you, plan to lose some weight, take better care of myself, etc.  I am not making light of these annual goals but there are things much grander for our taking.  Much, much grander.

Very honestly, today’s blog will probably be meaningless to the majority of you but I really believe that a significant number of you will be challenged on a different level.  If you are feeling stale in your life or if you sense something stirring deep within, this blog is for you.

I am sharing this from experience, a wonderful experience.

In the deepest part of my soul I believe that we live so far below what God has or intends for us.

To my non-Christian friends: Don’t worry, this is not a preachy thing about Jesus and you being saved.  There is no question that it is an important eternal issue that all must examine but this is not the intent or point here.

You will explore that Truth when the right time comes.

Whether you are a Christian or not, God (our Creator) has lavished on His creation wonderful things for us to enjoy and experience.  These are gifts just beyond our conscious grasp.  If we are open and receptive God will begin to stir in our depths.

The stirring forces one of two responses; we either nurture the stirring or we close our ears and harden ourselves because the unknown is too risky.

Breakthroughs always require risk.   They are never without the lurking danger of failure or embarrassment.

But if you are open, the stirring grows and begins to take form into something that is unique to you.

Early in 2009 something started to stir in me.  Now I know it was a “God Thing” going on.

“God’s stirring is His way of letting you know that you’re ready for more.”

- Me

The stirring led me to start this blog.  One year ago tomorrow I launched it.  This may not sound like a big deal… but it was.

Side Note: Interesting facts about my blog (to me anyway).

-          28,206 unique visit blog hits in 2010

-          December was the month with the most visits of nearly 2,800.

-          101 entries

It is important to note that the blog was not the point of the stirring… it was the avenue for growth.  The growth was much more than posting my thoughts.  In my first blog entry (A Bottle In the Ocean) I wrote something that many of you may be able to relate to.

January 4, 2010 (excerpt)

“The stir has been deep.  Something inside wanting out.  Not aggressive… more restless.   Something slowly waking up and beginning to poke at the confines of it’s environment.  Like someone cautiously pushing on a wall in a creepy old house to determine the strength and stability.

“Feeling stirred is a gift.  There is a difference between being stirred and being troubled about something.  Invite the stirring to occur.  Let it grow, let it take shape, let it push and struggle its way to the surface.  It has to come out from within; I cannot get to it from the outside.  All I can do is nurture, invite and remove the obvious barriers that limit.

“All I know is that something is stirring… and that’s a good thing.”

(If you want to read the entire entry you can access it by going to the right of the blog page and click on January 2010 for the archives.)

I do not know where your stirring is leading you.  If you are courageous and are willing to step out the joy that waits is phenomenal.

Here are a couple of points to remember.  First, the avenue of your stirring (for me the blog) is only a step in the path not the destination.  Secondly, it is not easy.  Starting my blog was grueling and maintaining it is a chore.

I am resolved to keep going, try new things, nurture the stir, and rejoice on the ride.

Thanks for hanging out with me.  I have no idea where I am going this year with the blog but it should be fun.

See you Thursday.

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