Stirred, Not Shaken

Hi, good to see you again.

I am not satisfied with where I left last Monday’s blog so I feel the need to press in on the issue with a bit more vigor.

I’m sure it’s obvious to those who are regular visitors to the site that I feel strongly about the gift of being “stirred”.  Pardon me for getting a bit testy here, but if you think that I’m referring to a cute, feel good, tingle in the leg experience in life that gets you all excited… you are terribly mistaken.  What I am talking about is so much deeper, much much deeper.

The stirring I am talking about is powerful, life changing, and if heeded always, always, ALWAYS expand us and take us far beyond where we are now.  This is a bold statement, but true none-the-less.

Side Note: Hang in there and please stick with me.  Seriously, I am like most of you.  When I read something that is a fluffy feel good quote or philosophical statement I generally go … huh?  Or I want to gag and say, get back to reality

Hopefully, it will make more sense shortly.  All I ask is that you be open enough to consider the possibility of what I am saying.  Because what I am talking about is one of the most real and tangible experiences in life.


Important Context

Before I begin to unpack the topic I must first provide context to my comments.  I will be making a lot of statements about God and using the term Divine, such as Divine gift.

Don’t worry, this is not preachy stuff.  What I am talking about will apply to both Christians and non-Christians alike.

There are two dimensions of God’s provision – Temporal and Eternal.  I am focusing on the Temporal.  These are God’s blessings that he gifts to all his creation regardless of what we believe.

As you can tell, I also believe there is an Eternal dimension to God’s provision.  This Spiritual reality with eternal implications is something that we all must personally grapple and come to terms with at some point in time.  But as mentioned in the last blog this is not the intent or the purpose of this blog entry.

Side Note: I am pumped that you, my non-Christian friends, are hanging out with me.  I will never preach to you or expect you believe as I.  Your Spiritual journey is between you and God.


So here is the central point regardless of where you are on the Spiritual continuum.  The reality is… there is more.  There is more available for me (and you) to attain and to enjoy.  There is a treasure trove of amazing things if I am open and willing to explore.

The “more” I am talking about has nothing to do with money, things, luxuries of life, prestige, being liked, getting attention, power or self-promotion.

Nor is it having a deeper appreciation for the planet and becoming one with nature.  And finally, the “more” is NOT an escape from life or a way to avoid the issues or difficulties which were created by our own hand (debt, poor relationships, etc.).

You cannot talk your way out of something you acted yourself into.

- Stephen Covey


It has everything to do with experiencing the fullness God intends and provides.

His creation is an expression of His love, a gift for the “here and now” for us, the objects of His love.  All of us have the opportunity to step beyond where we are now if we are open, listening, and daring.

We were never created to be static, but moving and dynamic.  And these Divine gifts are designed to stretch us and take us beyond where we are.

Unfortunately what happens to most of us is that we gradually become anesthetized by the droning of daily routine… life.  Or, before we know it, the narrow world that we wrapped securely around us becomes an invisible straight jacket that checks our growth and movement.

Without realizing it we wake up ten years down the road and realize there is more.

Side Note: Just so you know, I am not talking as one who has lived a hallow meaningless life and then all of a sudden saw the light that there are more things in this world to accomplish.

I have lived a very enjoyable, successful, vibrant life.  If I died today I will rejoice because I have had a great life.

With that said, I could decide to settle for where I am.  But I am thrilled and excited with the knowledge that I haven’t even scratched the surface of what is available.

If all I am saying is true, it begs the all important question, why don’t people take advantage of these Divine gifts?

Hummm… good question.  I will tackle that on Monday.  Ciao.

P.S.  As you go through the week, be sensitive to any stirring inside.  We will talk about that some too.

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