Snotty People


You know, people seem so hypersensitive these days.  What brought it to my attention is that I just completed an email and I found myself having to choose my words so carefully as not to offend anyone.  It wasn’t even an issue of consequence.

Personally, I believe I have the responsibility to be attuned to people and situations and work hard at approaching others in the most sensitive and appropriate way possible.

I do this for a couple of reasons.  First, I’m a nice person and I want to be sensitive to other’s needs.  The other reason is that I am lazy.  When dealing with people, particularly in a business setting, part of my goal is to minimize obstacles and resistance.

I found that if I am not sensitive and careful I end up spending extra time removing the obstacle and then the additional energy dealing with tender emotions.

But… the world is getting all screwed up.  What use to be the natural demands of relationships (learning about each other and being sensitive to each person’s particular needs and issues) has become a frustrating hassle.  This is because our society has morphed into a mass of hysterical, hypersensitive, self-centered, pansy butt cry babies.

Humm… that wasn’t very sensitive was it?  I’m embarrassed to say, but I don’t have much patience with such people.

Personally, I can find offense with virtually anything, and I don’t even have to look hard.  This may sound odd but I believe being offended is a choice.

I am of the opinion that most insensitive things are done out of ignorance not intent.  What this means to me is that some people choose to be offended when there was no intent and some people can choose not to be offended where there was intent.

Unfortunately our political environment has led the charge in both hypersensitivity and intent.

Side Note: Whatever your political persuasion you were probably thinking about the other side.  The reality is… both sides of the political spectrum are hypersensitive about silly stuff and both take mean shots.

A good indicator to me about the state of our hypersensitive society is that it is refreshing when I see someone of prominence choosing not to get caught up in the hype and choosing not to perpetuate the silliness.

As I said earlier, I believe most people (excluding politicians) don’t mean to be insensitive.  They are either not attuned or uninformed.

But, unfortunately there are other people in the world who are just outright snotty.  They are cruel and self-centered speaking and acting with the intent to hurt.

I don’t know what it is, but there are some people who feel it is their calling to set people straight.  They see themselves as the purveyor of truth and of course the preferred method of providing truth is a blunt object with the intent not for good but inflicting as much damage as possible.

Just so you know, there is a difference between wheeling truth and speaking truth.

I don’t know about you but I do want truth in my life and finding people who speak truth to you is a gift indeed.  Those who speak truth do so with intent also.  But the intent is to build, heal, support, encourage and challenge.

People who wheel truth use it as a convenient weapon.   People who use truth as a weapon are cowards.  It allows them to lean back with a smirk and brandish the all powerful comeback of, “I was only telling the truth.”

Regardless of the way something was presented we have a choice.  Personally I choose not to be offended.

So what do I need to learn from my ramblings today?

Humm… do you think that I could be hypersensitive to people who are hypersensitive?

See you Monday.

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