Knock, Knock… anyone home?

No perky greeting today… I feel like a slug.

You ever have days like this?  Too bad.   No sympathy from me.  When you feel like a slug, the dominate emotional traits are not sensitivity and empathy.

Feeling like a slug today is particularly poor timing because the topic at hand demands a mastery of the heart and head… and that of course eludes me.

I’ve started this blog about five times.

I’ll start and then I gotta get some coffee.  Or I am compelled to jump on the web to find out the latest news on Lindsay Lohan (just kidding).

What happens most of the time is that I sit at the keyboard with my fingers on the keys (poised for greatness) and then I suddenly snap to consciousness.

I didn’t fall asleep.  It’s just that my mind acquiesced (without my consent I might add) to the dense fog of… of… I have no idea.  There is absolutely no telling where my head went dancing off to while I sit like a mannequin at my desk.

All I know is that all of a sudden my mind is jolted awake like the slamming door of a teenager trying to sneak back in well past curfew.

Now I have a couple of choices.  I can fight the feeling, but frankly that feels like too much work and exerting effort is not high on my choice list.  Or I can give in and bask in the dull delight of the mediocrity of the moment.

I must say, neither of those choices interests me.  So I have only one logical option… YouTube.

Yep, you can always find something to get you going.

So I ran across these two videos.  One is cute that advertises a TV show and the other is… odd.  Funny but odd.  The first forty seconds are slow (like I am) but then it gets better.  The credits are funny.

Side Note: After you view the two videos there will be no question in your mind regarding my state of being.


The only thing that really frightens me is that both of them are from somewhere that has a British accent.  I think one is Australia and other from… UK?


YouTube Preview Image


Video Two:  The weird one.

YouTube Preview Image


Okay, I didn’t say they were great videos.  But they gave me a little jolt of energy (which isn’t saying much).

Oh well, the alertness required to tackle the topic of greatness has yet to creep into my psyche.

Maybe the Super Bowl will get me energized to actually talk about “greatness” on Monday.

See you then… that is, if you show up again after this entry.



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