Determining Value


I ran across something I wrote a couple of years back that made me start thinking about the “worth” or “value” of something.

This may sound pretty simple on the surface but placing value on something is a relative term, that means different things to different people.  We have all heard the old axiom, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

There is of course monetary value but it is so narrow and simplistic.  And, in reality monetary value tends to be one of the lower measures of true value or worth.

There are lots of ways to determine value.  There is a question that helps bring some definition to what we value most.

If my house were on fire what would I rescue?

As you will see in a moment, this question doesn’t fully answer the issue of value in total but it starts the mental and emotional exploration.

There are small subtle things that carry value that we don’t even grasp.  You may be wondering about the picture of the blank page at the top of the blog… asking, what is the relevance?

It was the blank page in my journal of a couple of years ago that gave me a deeper insight into value.  Here is what I wrote in my journal.

Journal entry – 5/20/09

“The blank sheet calls to me to write something.  Almost demanding but not arbitrary.

A blank sheets purpose is to be filled with something.  Something that gives it it’s unique identity.

Until something is on the sheet, it is lost in the multitude of sameness, never to stand apart, or in the greater sense… to be used.

Like people, a sheet of paper can be used for noble or ignoble purposes.  One sheet may be used to carry the message to the world of hope and freedom.

Another relegated to the trash pile.

So little piece of paper your purpose will be to rest comfortably secluded in my book and carry ten minutes of my life on your page.

Pretty important huh?

I  stand corrected.

Little did I know that the small page in my journal was not destined to be tucked away never to be seen again.  But to hopefully inspire or challenge you.

The small page with some ink on it is virtually worthless from a monetary standpoint.  But if it somehow touches you or moves you then it is invaluable.

One never knows their destined purpose.  What we think we do in obscurity can be of more value than you’ll ever know.

We are so narrow when it comes to value.  Anything you invest your time, heart or mind into automatically has value.

See you Monday.


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