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“Electrical problems!”

This is not something you want to hear while sitting on the tarmac under the mid-day Florida sun.  Ugggh!

On Monday I talked about the surprise joys life offers you.  I like those.

Then… then there are the surprise life irritants.  I am not talking about big negative stuff but the niggley things that happen that are just… just… irritating.  I guess it’s sort of like the ants and mosquitoes of a picnic.  But then again, that’s part of the picnic experience.

But of course the level of irritation is in direct proportion to your frame of mind and the number of irritants.  A few ants and mosquitoes aren’t too bad but if you are having to fight off Texas size mosquitoes that are out to get a pint of blood each then patience does tend to run a bit thin.

Generally I am pretty easy going.  The delay wasn’t too bad.  It was much more tolerable because everyone on the plane seemed to be pretty cool about the delay.  That always makes a big difference.

What’s really frustrating is when you have a life irritant episode and then people around you get all in a tizzy pushing a routine irritant into the “pain in the ass” category.

Have you ever been on a picnic or fun event and someone is always complaining.  “It’s too hot”, “There’s bugs”, “The food is cold”.  Have you been in a situation like this and it makes you want to yell, “Someone please take a plastic fork and jab it in my neck and take me out.”

Now here’s the real tricky part.  I don’t think I am a pain in the ass type of person.  But then again, most people who are the purveyors of irritation don’t generally realize that they are making a somewhat tolerable situation intolerable.

Isn’t that the way it is.  We always tend to look at the other person but not at ourselves.  When another person is uncomfortable they are being a whiney pansy butt.  But if I am the one uncomfortable… I mean… who wouldn’t complain.  Things are unpleasant.  You would be upset too if a leaf fell into your potato salad.

The point is, there are things that are irritating.  But I, like everyone else, need to remember that how I respond under unpleasant circumstances either minimizes or magnifies the situation.

As I said earlier I don’t’ think that I am the complaining type… but.  There are times where I can get a bit testy.  I don’t know about you but I get much more complainy and irritable when I’m hungry.  If we ever meet and I get testy just shove a cookie in my mouth and all is good.

Up to this point the blog has been a somewhat fun perspective about life’s irritants and people being people.

But you know, there are some people who are completely self-consumed.  I must confess, I don’t understand these types of people.  It is so foreign to me.  As you know (those who have been reading my blog for a while), I tend to be much too concerned about people around me and worry about what they think.

Yes, I have my flat spots too just like everyone else.

Have you ever met or known someone who is self-consumed?  They’re focus is on what they want, when they want it.

I must have an issue with self-consumed people… seriously.  I am embarrassed to say this, but I found myself starting to get irritated writing about self-consumed people.   Good thing there wasn’t a plastic fork lying around.

But I am deciding at this point not to talk any more today about self-consumed people.  It’s a good day and I don’t want to spoil it.

My wife and I are on our way back home… no place like home.

In fact, I am writing this blog entry on our flight home.

Have a great weekend and keep plastic forks at a safe distance.

See you Monday.

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