The Spice of Life or A Life of Spice

Howdy.  Thanks for checking in again today.  Hopefully I will be able to say something that will make your visit worth your while.

Those of you who have hung out with me for a while know that I don’t talk about God things much.  Every now and then I will allude to some aspect of my faith but I try not to be preachy or even expect you to believe the same way I do.

I just share things from my perspective and if they make you think… great.

Today’s topic is about one slice of the amazing gifts life gives us.  Personally, I attribute these gifts directly from God.  But regardless of where you attribute the origin of the gift, I am certain you will appreciate the reminder of some of the small yet amazing blessings of life.

The big things in life are pretty easy to pick up on.  They force our attention pretty quickly.  Big things grab us around the neck and whack us on the forehead.  Or, like a child wanting mom’s attention, it reaches up, grabs our cheeks and pulls our face forward forcing eye contact.   When big things come we stop and engage.

But then there are the miraculous small things, the things easily overlooked or forgotten.  These are things we have known about or been aware of, but the responsibilities of life dull our sensitivity to these small blessings and miracles that surround.  It’s as though the droning monotonous cadence of daily duties has a way of taking over and crowding out the awareness to these joys of life.

I believe that love is most revealed in small things more so than the large.  I am talking about the small unsolicited acts that reveal the true nature of the person who loves.

What tripped this domino of thought was… spices.  Yep spices.  I think I briefly mentioned this in an earlier blog a few months back but I want to press in a bit more closely.

Have you ever thought about the gift of the amazing variety we have in life.  Spices are just one category.  The incredible variety of colors, music styles, plants, birds, on and on and on.

Now I am sure many of you are sitting there going… uh… spices… uh… music… ok?  These are nice but I think this fellow is getting a bit too excited about ordinary stuff.

Think about it, a multitude of variety for us to experience and enjoy.  Cool huh?

Now I know that lot’s of people who do not believe in God enjoy, value and appreciate the variety of things life gives us.

But this is where I really like my beliefs about God and my relationship with Him.  It is the fact that God created the multitude of spices and flavors, totally for our enjoyment.

The variety shows a God who loves His creation and gives us things completely for our enjoyment.

This may sound weird but let me use our dog as an analogy.  We feed our dog a good brand of dry dog food.  We only feed him this one thing and he is very happy.  Basically he doesn’t know any different.

God didn’t have to create things for us to enjoy.  We would not know any different if there were only five flavors, six colors, and two types of music.

Can you imagine food without basil, cumin, salt, or thyme?  Or having only polka music?  Or having only one shade of green when the leaves begin to bud in the Spring?  We would not know any different.

Take a look around.  What are the small seemingly insignificant things that bring pleasure and enjoyment?

These are gifts… just for you from someone who loves you.

See you Thursday.

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