Step Back to Leap Forward

As you know Daylight Savings Time (DST) snuck up on us and stole an hour this past weekend.  I don’t know about you but my body clock is still on regular time.

DST is one of those blessing curse things.  In the fall I don’t hear any complaints about gaining an extra hour, but loosing an hour is another matter.

Let’s be real for a moment, DST is not something we had a choice in.  The powers that be made the decision a long time ago to adjust the time twice a year because of a plethora of rational reasons.

Side Note: Those of you who are regular readers, have you ever seen me use a word like plethora before?  Uh… NO!

I am getting a bit frightened that a word like plethora just popped into my head.  It felt weird typing it and weirder reading it.  I am not sure what to make of it but I’m sure it will conjure up a plethora of theories as to why.


OK, back to DST… hang in there with me because I think I may actually make a pretty good point about life.

As I said earlier, DST is a decision made for us.  But what if we could personally choose to adopt it or not?  What would it be?

The decision made would depend on our point of focus.

For example, it you were tired and it’s 2:00 a.m. this past Saturday, your point of focus would most likely be on getting the immediate reward of an extra hour of sleep.

But if you are able to lift your eyes beyond your immediate desire of and extra hour of sleep, you would see the greater reward of the many extra hours of daylight to be enjoyed during the entire summer.

Here’s the real world impact.  We are faced with all sorts of decisions every day, virtually every hour.  Most tend to be small seemingly insignificant choices.  Some are important choices that have a broader and longer term impact on our life.

How do you go about making your decision about the things of life?

A few minutes ago I choose to have a small bag of potato chips.  Small decision, right?  Maybe, maybe not.  A few years ago I struggled with my weight and if I continue to make small choices like I just made I would have a weight problem again.

Just so you know, I don’t feel a bit bad about eating the bag of chips.  But you also need to know that because I chose to eat my bag of potato chips a few minutes ago, it will impact the choices I make later in the day.

Life is made up of ongoing decisions that have both sacrifice and reward.  No question the level of sacrifice and reward varies but the principle remains the same.  We make these small and large decisions based on what best satisfies our ultimate desires.

Here’s the key… the hard question.

Do I tend to make decisions that satisfy me now or satisfy me later?


In essence, what tends to be the focus point of our decision?  Reward now or reward later?

Our focus and point of sacrifice or reward tells us a lot about ourselves and what we value.

I tell people that I got a degree but didn’t get an education.  I valued the short term reward of goofing off and sleeping more than the future reward that studying would have provided.  Well, intellect could have played a role in there somewhere but that’s another issue.

Some of you may look back and wish you socialized more in college.  The fact that we all would go back and make some different choices in life is not the point here.

The point here is the question, what drives our choices now?

I am not trying to make this a heavy burdensome topic but it is important to keep in mind that every choice we make is a step.  It is a step in a direction.  And a series of steps take us to a destination.

Now here’s an interesting realization.  Every step toward something requires that you leave something.

“We never take a step forward without surrendering something…”
- Virginia Hanson


Humm, that may be something we need to unpack a bit more in a later blog entry.

See you Thursday.

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