Spilled Milk

Good to see you again.

In the last blog entry I ended with a phrase and a quote.

“Now here’s an interesting realization.  Every step toward something requires that you leave something.”

“We never take a step forward without surrendering something…”
- Virginia Hanson

The words struck me then and have continued to gnaw at me.  Something in the deep struggling to take form as it works its way to the surface.

This is one of those deep churns that one dares not ignore.  I cannot, I must not force it.  I only nurture and support the process.

So what is this all about?  What is the learning that is trying to find fulfillment in my life?

I don’t know for sure but here are some of the thoughts that the two lines above from the last blog dislodged.

Side Note:  I hope my ramblings don’t get too heady, abstract or obtuse.  I will try to keep it “sound bite” simple, not for you but for me.  It helps minimize distracting clutter.

The random thoughts poking through are just that.  They are incomplete… not tied together… and one can easily poke holes in the logic.


Random Insights:

-  Constant movement. 

We are constantly moving, evolving.  Our lives are never static.  At first I was going to qualify the movement only toward positive or good things but so far the logic holds true for movement toward negative things also.

-  Fixed limit or amount. 

This a bit complicated and tricky but stick with me.  It is sort of like a glass full to the brim with milk.  You spill the milk and it will spreads out in all sorts of strange configurations and depths, but the amount is the same regardless of the form.

In essence, we as individuals cannot increase our size.  We can take on new things but it requires us to release something… new displaces old.   Displacement is the key element.

A perfect example is the blog I decided to start.  Writing two entries a week for over a year means that something had to be displaced.  This morning it is sleep. 

It is important to note that we are not talking about a fixed amount of time.  That is only a snippet.  The issue of fixed amount is broader and deeper than just twenty four hours in a day. 

- Making a choice is the only choice.

We are constantly making choices and we have no option.  There is an old phrase that says; not making a choice is in fact making a choice.

But we cannot choose everything.  We have to remember the principle of displacement. 

            “You can do anything you want but not everything you want.”

            – Roger Merrill


There is an old running joke in the construction industry, but the principle holds true to virtually any product or project.

The three primary things a client wants in a construction project is…

-          High Quality

-          Lowest Cost

-          Done Quickly

The common response is – We can do all three but you can only PICK TWO.

For me the scenario today is:

-          I want my sleep

-          I want to write the blog

-          I have an all day meeting that I have to attend


I am not sure where this churning is taking me but I have a feeling I’m in for a ride. 

See you Monday

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