What keeps you from running?


Hello, me again.

As you know, the last few blog entries we have been poking at the phrase “to move forward you must surrender something”.

Last time I talked about the challenge of giving up good things to move to greater things.

What I am about to say may sound absurd.  The greater challenge comes to those who must surrender bad things to move forward.  It’s more difficult and it takes more courage.

The obvious logic is if something is crappy in a person’s life they would eagerly surrender it for something better.

Logical yes… reality, no.

Everyone has bad stuff happen in their lives.  But like every experience in life (good or bad) it leaves a mark.

Some seem to have more than their share of bad stuff.  I don’t know why… they just do.  We could argue all day long as to the “why”.  Also it would be very easy to build a good case for how much bad stuff people bring on themselves.

The “why” is not the focus of this blog entry, and on one level, irrelevant.  I am focusing on the “how” of moving forward regardless of how the bad stuff got there.

Bad Stuff

This may sound silly but bad stuff is… bad stuff.  Bad stuff distorts, bruises, even cripples.

It is important to note that we are all bruised and crippled somewhere in our lives.  Of course, some people live with more crippling issues than others.

Here’s where it gets a little messy.  For example, it is easy for a person with healthy legs to stand up and run…  but not for a person with crippled legs.  What is effortless to one is a struggle for another.

For the person who can run it is very easy to be judgmental and to question the motivation of the person who can’t.   That’s especially true if the person shows no obvious injury.

True Confession: I am typically not a very judgmental person.  But I get pretty judgmental when I see someone who looks healthy park in a handicap spot.  I hate to say it, but it really bugs me.

I am sure you’re above that sort of thing… obviously I’m not.


Now we are getting to the heart of why it is more difficult to surrender bad things than good things to move forward.

I contend that the extent of crippling is more perception than reality.  Let’s be real world here for a second.  There is no question that bad stuff injures and cripples.  But the greater crippler is the acceptance of a reality that is not real.  The belief that the “dye is cast” and life is what it is.

You start thinking crippled.

What magnifies the deception even more is if the bad stuff that crippled was self inflicted vs. imposed.  There is this morbid sense of “I deserve this” that adds to the crippling effect.

These self imposed beliefs become attached to us.  Like a ball and chain that drags along behind us serving as a reminder of… bad things… and our contribution.

The sad thing is that we have the key to the lock but many never use it.  Why?  Why would anyone want to keep something that slows our step and allows the crippled part of our lives to stay intact?

Sometimes there is a payoff to keeping the ball and chain.

We’ll talk about the payoffs on Monday.


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