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Jan 13

A walk on the wild side


Hello again.

Some of you who read my last blog entry may be of the notion to take me up on my offer to step out of your comfortable world and go exploring with me.

There may have been something about what I said that poked a tender spot regarding the possibility that there is more to life than what you have been experiencing.

I am an average guy, with a great life, and blessed beyond measure.  Very honestly, there is nothing special about me.  My wife would say different but that’s because she loves me and can be somewhat biased in her opinion.

But this average guy has a message.  The spark of life you sense has nothing to do with Jerry Rushing.  But it has everything with you cracking the door to begin believing that what I am talking about is real and for you.

Oh my God.  I just re-read the last couple of paragraphs and I sound like motivational speaker Anthony Robbins… only without the big teeth and creepy smile.

But in reality my message to you is nothing like Anthony Robbins.  I am not talking about the power within you to make you great or you tapping into your reservoir of latent potential waiting to be released to change the world.  Nope… nothing like that.

No, I’m not selling fantasies or potential.

I’m not selling you anything.  All I am doing is inviting you to consider that God has more for you to experience and enjoy than you can ever imagine.

There is an interesting scripture in the Bible (Romans 12:2) that says, “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”


Side Note: Now to all my non-Christian friends don’t get all pissy on me because I used a scripture to make my point.  I am not trying to convert you (that’s not my job anyway).

So just move your curser away from the exit icon and hear me out.  Thanks.


But whether you are a Christian or not the scripture is true.  Our mind, if not careful, will lock us into a way of thinking that keeps us quietly buried in the shallow grave of life I mentioned in the last blog.  We’re dead and don’t even know it.

Growing and experiencing life to the full is a combination of opening our thinking and stepping out and trying something new.

Some of you reading this blog never try anything new.  There is something about trying new things that breaths life into dead bones.

Once again I know there are some of you who will just roll your eyes at my words and chalk my comments up as the ramblings of a small narrow man’s attempt to be profound.

Maybe.  But what if I am right?

I want to challenge you to do two very simple things.  It is a challenge that may prove you right about me or may open your thinking to the possibility that God has an amazing adventure for you to experience.

All I ask is that you sincerely invite God to open your heart and mind to the possibility that He has something for you.  And secondly… just listen.

What do you have to lose?

Now I have to be really honest here.  I tend to be pretty rebellious.  If someone asked me to do the two simple things I’m asking you, I am very likely to blow it off just to spite the person asking.

I’m not proud of that but true none-the-less.

I hope you will give it a shot.  Just ask… and listen.

See you Monday.

Sep 11

On the Road Again


Hey, good to have you hang out with me for a bit.

As you can tell from the title, I’m hitting the road again on my journey.

Side Note: You may be asking, what journey?  If you’re wondering about this journey thing, you will need to read the first few blog entries.

If interested just go to the right side of the screen and click on January 2010 and scroll down to the first blog.


Every time I see the title or hear Willie Nelson’s On the Road Again, I am reminded of a funeral I once attended.  Yep… you read correctly… funeral.

I went to the viewing of the father of a friend who passed away.


Side Note: Humm… passed away… don’t you think that is an odd phrase for death?  It sort sounds like you evaporate or something.

But I digress.


When we walked into the viewing parlor at the funeral home, Willie’s song was playing away.  I was told it was the father’s favorite song.

I thought… that’s a nice touch.  What I didn’t realize is that the song was on a recording loop and after about the seventy fifth time through the song I was wondering who was better off, the corpse or me.

Let’s just say… it will not be a song I play at my funeral… or anywhere I happen to be.

OK, enough of the funeral talk and back to the blog and hitting the road.

I have felt the itch to start moving toward something.  I don’t know what, but toward something.  The last few blogs have been sort of like camping for the night and telling stories around the campfire.

So, if we are hitting the road… where are we headed?  Where do we want to go?  Important questions.

You see, traveling (or moving forward) needs a purpose.  A why?


“Men go out into the void spaces of the world for various reasons. Some are actuated by love of adventure, some have the keen thirst for scientific knowledge, and others again are drawn away from the trodden path by the lure of little voices, the mysterious fascination of the unknown.”
Ernest Shackleton, Antarctic Explorer


If you don’t know the why then this journey can get pretty frustrating because you may be expecting something the journey wasn’t designed for.

The why can be a defined destination or a purpose more open and ambiguous.   It can be something as simple as for the fun of it, or for me at this point in my life… exploration.

There are times where I am focused on a destination… but what I like most is to explore.

Some people don’t like the unknown.  They fear it and avoid it as much as possible.

The unknown possesses a very odd paradox.  The unknown has the power to paralyze or propel.  For me, it propels.

But the reality is, without the unknown there is no exploration.

Exploring requires that you dig, peek into holes, walk unknown trails.

The heart of an explorer is compelled to look at things that are new, scary, or different.

It demands that you try things that are out of your comfort zone.

So the question again is, do you want to join me on the journey?  I hope so.

We’ll walk further down this road on Monday.  I hope you have your hiking boots laced tightly.

Or we can ride…



Jul 11

The Rougher Path


Hello, me again.

Well, I think that I have spent enough time dissecting the quote tattooed on the arm of a girl.  I am sure that most of you are really happy that I finally got the tattoo thing out of my system.

So with that said, it’s time we hit the trail again.

Side Note: Huh?  What do you mean trail?

If you you’re wondering about the reference to hitting the trail, you’re either a newbie or your memory is on a down hill slide.

This blog was started as a journey for myself and I invited anyone who felt inclined, to join me for company.  Read the first couple of blogs and you will understand where I’m coming from.


As you can see by the picture I am working hard on this journey not to take the easy path.  I can guarantee you that writing this blog is not the easy path for me.

I am not a writer.  For some people writing is an effortless flow of words from the heart and head through their hands.

For me, I wrestle every time I write.  The words in my heart and head struggle to become a reality and find life.

I am not complaining, bragging or trying to get your sympathy.  I’m just letting you know that for me, this is the path I believe I am to take and I have chosen to do so.

It has been a good choice.  My life is fuller and more vibrant.

Here’s the powerful learning for me… taking a bold step may not change your situation or circumstances… but it does change you.

I am different, I feel it.

One of the sad realities of life is that people tend to spend most of their time and energy trying to change things around them.  The focus is on changing the situation or the people around them to conform to their wants and desires.

In life I have seen people tirelessly try to change their spouse, kids, boss, employees, work, church, club, friends… you name it.

The natural outcome is that anger and frustration grow and eventually only two options prevail… escape or change.

I have said for a long time and believe even more… Change affects change.  Because I am different things are different.  I work on me.

Let’s face it.  We all struggle with life stuff.  Frankly, I think most of us make the process much more difficult than it needs to be.

I can’t remember the exact situation but I was getting frustrated because what I was trying to do wasn’t working.  A phrase struck me that really helped.  It is a phrase I use often.

“I may not know what will work, but I know what doesn’t work.”


The reality of me needing to change crystallized.

So over the years I have spent more time trying to grow, learn and stretch myself.

Wow, the ride has been much more fun and rewarding.  I really wish it were something I learned sooner.

But I don’t focus on or bemoan lost time or missed opportunity… that is the thinking that sucks one into the black hole of self and sameness.  That is a dead end path.

Now for the big question, what does this mean for you, the reader?

It may not mean anything.  But if something stirred within or caused you to tilt your head in thought and question… great!

This means you are hearing a voice from beyond where you are calling you to explore.

I don’t know what step you are to take… but take one.

If faced with two options… take the bolder.

See you Thursday.

Jul 10

Uncomfortable with Comfort

Bonjour… as you can see I’m feeling a little international today.  There’s no particular reason, it just popped into my head.  Yes, I know, there is medication to help people that have weird things going on in their heads.  But here’s what I say to that, “Je ne veux pas prendre des médicaments pour les choses qui se passent dans ma tête, j’aime la façon dont je pense maintenant.”

Side Note: If you want to know what I said you can go to this link and get it translated.  Just cut the above statement and paste it at

For those who are first time visitors I hope I haven’t weirded you out too much.  I just get caught up in the moment.

For those that are regulars they know that I get side tracked pretty easily and they, for better or for worse, end up being dragged along with me to my “happy place.”

This whole blog thing is a journey for me and I have invited anyone to join me who wants to be challenged to step beyond where they are now and explore the possibilities of things outside of our comfort zone… our safe little world.

Exploration can be dangerous business.  It’s risky to put yourself out there for possible failure, criticism and pressure from others to get back in the box they are use to us being in.

There are lots of people who are intrigued by what’s beyond the walls of comfort.  They will occasionally peek over the fence to get a quick glimpse and then quickly retreat back to comfort.

Yesterday I found something I wrote twelve years ago in a journal.  It fits nicely with what I am talking about today.

Journal Entry – July 7, 1998

Human nature leans toward ease.  Difficulty and unpleasant things are to be avoided.  But ease is a deceiver.  Ease robs us of the grander things available to us.

Those of ease who are unwilling to enter in the realm of endurance and perseverance never experience the sweet fruit of overcoming, the satisfaction of accomplishment and experience the strength of endurance. Ease focuses on the moment and traps the unsuspecting from grander things.

We are not taught the discipline of endurance without the reality of discomfort and the inconvenience of “pushing through.”

Our commitment must be toward those things that rest beyond our sight and touch, and not be lulled by the ease of the immediate.

For me, and probably for you, it took a while before I took these words seriously enough to take the larger, riskier steps outside my safe walls.  But over the years I became more aware of the possibilities and joys that await the explorer.

As I said in an earlier blog, awareness is like hugging a porcupine… the closer you get the more uncomfortable you are.  As someone who didn’t like to fail or look bad I became more uncomfortable with my comfort and unsatisfied with my satisfaction.

So as you can see I am on the trail of exploration and discovery.  It’s not been all fun and games but it sure beats sitting in the confines of my old self.

See you Monday

May 10

Runnin’ on Empty

Hi, I feel better today.  But that still doesn’t mean I will have anything meaningful to say.  As most of you know… I just write what pops into my head.

Every now and then something worthwhile tumbles out and it surprises me as much as it does you.  But that is the joy of opening one’s self.  You will never really know what amazing things are inside of you unless you take the risk to open yourself up in a creative process and be willing to empty yourself. 

The reality is, I’m not special.  I am truly an ordinary guy with issues, insecurities, good points and bad points.  The only thing that makes me a bit different is that I am taking a step to open up and empty myself.

I’m trying not to worry about what people think; I just open up my head and heart and allow my life to flow out. 

Humm… empty one’s self.  That is a foreign concept in our society.  It’s counterintuitive.  The human default is to focus on self and make sure your needs and wants are filled.  I am no different than anyone else.  But this blog journey I started in January is different.  It is not a journey for fulfillment, self-realization or higher awareness.  It is genuine journey of liberating exploration.  I am trying to let down my natural defenses and just empty self.

You may be wondering why in the world a person would want to empty themselves and take the risk. 

Basically, I believe that everyone has all kinds of interesting stuff inside.  There are amazing insights, thoughts, facts, and information squirreled away in all the nooks and crannies of our mind.   Usually there is so much stuff packed in our heads and hearts that it seems cluttered and makes no sense most of the time. 

I think our minds are sort of like my house now.  We just moved and the rooms are stacked with all kinds of boxes and the clutter is overwhelming.  I know that there is some good stuff in there somewhere but I have no idea where things are.

I want to challenge you.  I want to stir you to consider the possibility of a new creative outlet… just as a starting point.

The perfectionist inside of you will scream for details and demand perfection.  Don’t worry about that… just start something.  As I said in an earlier blog, “Movement is key not direction.”

I have a friend that has a sign beside his office door that says, “Die Empty”.  That is challenging to me and encouraging at the same time. 

I feel I really don’t have anything of value to offer.  But I am attempting to empty myself.  I am opening the door to the cluttered room and pushing stuff out.  Most likely nothing will ever come of this blog… but what if?  What if someone is challenged to step out and take a risk and they write that song that has been nagging them, or take that class that has held some interest but scared them. 

A pebble thrown in the water makes a small ripple.  My blog is a small stone and I toss it out. 

One more point… and it is the most sobering point of all.  I am not trying to be melodramatic when I say this, but the reality is, anything left inside dies with you… lost forever.  The encouragement to the friend in need, the book that will never be written, the song that will never be birthed by a voice, the canvas that won’t be beautifully covered, the boat unsailed, the letter not written, the touch not given.

And the sad truth is we lose because you kept full… and honestly… you lose too.

I challenge you to open the door and start tossing stuff. 

See you later my risk taking friend.

Mar 10

Truth or Truths

I don’t know about you but I get pretty frustrated with the media and politics (Don’t worry I’m not getting all political on you.  We have enough political talk without me jumping into the mix).  What frustrates me is that you don’t know what to believe.

Truth is sacrificed on the alter of facts. 

The sad reality is that this is the nature of the world we live in.  From the beginning of time people have taken facts to paint a distorted picture.  We have all done it to some degree.

It is sort of like a kaleidoscope… fragments of facts jumbled together to distort reality. 

You may be wondering what got Jerry all riled up.  You’re probably thinking that I must have just finished listening to the evening news.  Nope.  I’m not writing about this because I’m frustrated but stirred. 

I was stirred by a comment left by Kathy about something I wrote a couple of blogs back.  For full context you might want to review my blog “Searching or Discovery”.

 Excerpt from Kathy’s Comment:

I get grabbed by something that is true and then I belong to it. Change inside of me happens almost automatically. Why do you think it happens that way? Do you think that is the way it is with all truth–scientific truth–or discovering in historical facts? or is it just with spiritual truth?

Over the next couple of blogs I will try to share my thoughts.  Let me be the first to say that I by no means believe that I have the answers to Kathy’s questions… but it doesn’t stop me from having an opinion. 

I believe there is Truth and there are truths.  Truths are facts about things that exist.   

But Truth, that is a different matter.  Ah, Truth… beautiful Truth.  In a world of distortion and complexity there is splendid simple Truth. 

Important Point:    Simple does not mean easy. 

Truth does not rest on the surface of life where you can easily grasp or understand it in full context.  We sense it and see evidence of it.  Truth is something deeper, broader, and higher… all around and permeating everything.

That’s why people like and gravitate to truths; they can take hold of them and control their use by carelessly tossing them around to make a point.  Settling for only truths are the cowards’ way. 

Truth… you cannot distort or control.  It is just hidden in the clutter of truths, but it’s fully intact waiting for us.

There are two characteristics of Truth (I am sure there’s a lot more but these are a good starting point) that I will poke on.  Truth informs and transforms.  I really liked what Kathy said when she wrote, “Change inside of me happens almost automatically.”

That is what our journey is all about.  Discovery. 

See you on Thursday.

Jan 10

The Big Confession

Hi!  If this is your first visit to my blog… welcome.

This blog is about a rather frightening journey that I have decided to take.  I’d love to have you walk along with me if you wish, but as I said in my first blog entry, this is a journey I must take whether anyone joins me or not.  If you want to know where it all started you probably need to take a look at the first couple of blog entries.

Also, you need to be forewarned.  My journey buddies and I have started walking up this high mountain to get a lay of the land to determine where we want to explore and identify what dragons we want to slay.  Along the way we’re just chatting.

In my last blog I mentioned that I had something to share that may cause some of you to stop walking along with me.

I can assure you of this… somewhere along the journey I will offend you.  Not intentionally, but it will happen.  The question once again, as it will always be, “Is the call (or for some the longing) you have to learn, grow, and explore greater than your immediate irritation or discomfort?”

Okay, here goes… my confession.

What I want to share with you about myself is that I am a Christ follower.  I can hear it now, some of you just said, “Oh SHIT”.

In two sentences I have successfully alienated those who do not follow Christ and most of the ones who do.   I don’t know much about blogs but this is not a great way to build readership.  But once again, this blog is not for you… it’s for me, and what I must do in response to this journey to which I am called.

But before you stop reading, please hear me out.

To the non-Christ follower: I needed to share that I am Christ follower so you will know where I am coming from because it shades my every idea, thought and belief.  If we are going to hang out with each other it must be a transparent relationship.

My agenda is not to make you believe what I believe, think what I think, or love Christ the way I love Christ.  If I have an agenda it is that my blog be a safe place for anyone to explore anything… without pressure.

Just so you know, my last statement really bothered a lot of my Christian friends.  It bothered them because many feel that I should take every opportunity to help you believe in and accept Christ.  Frankly I used to believe that way and most likely I turned more people off than helped.

The reality is, you will believe what you want to believe and no one can make you change.  I don’t know about you but I get really pretty hard headed when I feel pressured to think, believe or act a certain way.

Side Note: I believe in the depths of my being that if a person is a genuine seeker of Truth, they will find it.  The key word is genuine.

I have met many who say they want truth but only explore places they wanted and were not willing to openly look everywhere.  I continue to be a seeker of Truth and this means I have to be open to faulty beliefs I may have and be willing to take an honest look.

I am not here to preach to you.  I promise I will never do that… or make judgments.

Hopefully, I offer an insight or say something that is meaningful to you on your journey in this life.  And if  our journey together helps you see Christ in a new and different way… sweet.

Whether you realize it or not, I believe our paths have crossed for a reason and not by accident.

To the Christ follower: Get the hell over my saying ”Shit”.  Sorry… I just had to say it again.

It may be hard to believe but I am not a curser.  And I really understand why most of you might be offended.  I too would have been very bothered by it a few years ago.

The point I want to make is this…  for me (I am not putting this on you) …for me I love my Lord with all my heart, but was caged by the rules which kept me from a fuller and deeper relationship with Him.  Now I don’t believe that gives me a license to curse like a sailor but I also believe God is bigger than my using the “S” word.

In my time of devotions I pray for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.  If I felt in the slightest that writing the “S” word was not pleasing to my Lord – I wouldn’t.

I believe that many Christians are trapped in religious thinking and don’t even know it.  This is much too deep of a conversation for now but somewhere on our journey I’m sure it will surface.

But I promise the same thing to you that I promised my non-Christ following friends, I am not here to put anything on you.  I promise I will never do that… or make judgments.

If I offer an insight or say something that is meaningful to you on your journey in this life… wonderful.  And who knows, maybe something will be said that causes both of us to experience Christ in a new way.

And as I said earlier, whether you realize it or not, I believe our paths have crossed for a reason and not by accident.

Hopefully I didn’t scare any of my non-Christ follower friends or scar my Christ follower friends.  Maybe I will see you on Monday.


Jan 10

Head for the Hills

Hello, me again.

Last time we decided that this is a journey of exploration not destination.  So let’s explore.

I think it would be good to first get our bearings.  It’s important to know where you are.  So we are going to the mountain to look around and get a lay of the land.  We can wander around and decide where to head to next and what dragons we want to slay.

Bumper Sticker I saw yesterday:

“Not all who wander are lost”

We will have plenty of time to go through the valleys, peek in the caves and walk the streams, but right now… off to the mountain.

So I tighten my boots, straighten my pack and off we go.  We will explore as we go.

I love to explore.  I remember as a kid the pure joy of poking around old abandoned houses or attics.  I remember one time digging all around an old farm house because legend had it that one of its occupants buried their life savings during the Great Depression.

Why is exploring so exhilarating and fun?   The DISCOVERY.

There are things that magnify the experience of exploring.  You might say they are the steroids of exploration (sorry Mark).  They are the risks of the unknown, the magnitude of the potential, and the significance of the effort.  All mixed together they create a life cocktail that can be quite intoxicating.

I know people who literally search the globe going to exotic places for a new adventures and discovery.  I have one friend who actually climbed Mt. Everest.  I am not judging this at all.  You see, adventure and discovery is a part of our emotional DNA.

“From the moment of Creation, humankind has felt the pull toward discovery.”

- Penelope Stokes

But there is a question that must be asked, and it is a hard question.   We must ask… am I doing this to fill a hole or to be whole?  So I ask myself and you… am I going on this journey to fill a hole or to be whole? They sound the same but they originate from a totally different center point.  One is out of empty need the other out of fullness expanded.

I personally do not have a hole to be filled.  But God knows that I want the full expanse of being.  I want the whole enchilada of life.  And this has nothing to do with having to experience everything there is in the world.  If anything it is the opposite.  Let me quickly say, I do enjoy experiencing new things and traveling to see the vast beauty and diversity of our world.  But being full (some people say I am full of ”it”, but that is a different topic for a different time) of life and appreciation for the simple brings a wholeness and satisfaction no specific experience can bring.

Side Note:

I know that this may be a bit confusing because as I write it I find myself cocking my head.  But I do know that there is a core truth here… an important truth to grasp.

I feel sort of like the kid who knows there’s a horse in here somewhere.  You may have to dig through the crap to find it.  But it’s there.

Also, as mentioned earlier, this is a journey of discovery not destination.  Filling a hole is a destination.  So if you’re in need of filling a hole… you might be a bit frustrated by this meandering expedition of exploration.  But you’re still more than welcome to tag along.  I always enjoy the company.  And who knows, this may be one of the pieces that leads to filling the hole.

So let’s wander around and explore as we head up the mountain.

Since I am basically pretty lazy I am not looking forward to the climb. Mountains can be very difficult.  I would much prefer a picturesque helicopter ride to the top.  But once again, if I want the full expanse of being then the easy method is not the way to get there.

As we hike up the mountain we’ll chit chat.  I have something important I need to share in my next entry.  Hopefully it won’t cause you to stop traveling with me… but for some it might.

Later… how’s next Thursday?

Jan 10

The Voice

Good morning (well… its morning somewhere)

You ready to go?  You’re probably saying, “About time!”  Yep, I agree.  It’s kinda like going on vacation, there’s a lot of prep.  Did you bring your toothbrush?

No it’s not that kind to journey.  It is the kind you do from the comfort of your home.  Pretty cool huh?  Go on an adventure without getting off your butt.   But… (no pun intended) because you are in the safety of your home, this does not mean this journey won’t be challenging, fun, difficult, and hopefully entertaining.

Anyway, my wife wouldn’t want me to go gallivanting off with a bunch of strangers to who knows where (at least without her).

OK… we are now outside the wall that has kept us trapped much too long, the big question is, where to now?  Not back… that’s for certain.

As I sit and type I am literally tilting my head back with my eyes closed.  I feel like someone who is standing outside on a cool morning drinking in the fresh smells and sounds and feeling the soft brush of the wind on the face.

“Where to now?”    Shhhhh….  I am listening for the voice.

Side Note: While I’m enjoying the pause listening, I can almost read your mind….

“What kind of kook is this?  It’s probably some out-of-shape guy sitting in front of the TV in his underwear eating cheese curls and scratching.”  (Sorry for the visual)

Just in case you are wondering…. I’m not eating cheese curls.

But does it matter if I were the fellow I just described?   What does matter is this… if something has been stirring in your core and for some reason you are intrigued about this journey thing…. Will you take the step?   Just small ones will do.  Movement is the key… NOT speed.

OK, back to the voice.

I know… I know… you’re thinking the right medication will help those voices in the head.  But these are voices of the heart and not the head.  If you want to get rid of the voices in your heart all you need to do is ignore them.  They will evaporate pretty quickly… and so does the joy of life.

After listening for a while I still don’t hear anything.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get going.

Let me ask, does getting started without a clear direction or plan bother you?  Is it too loose and open ended for your liking?  When traveling I really like to have a map detailing the course to my destination.  But this is different.

Side Note: There are two types of journeys in life.

There are journeys with a destination and there are journeys of exploration.  You will have both types of journeys but it is imperative that you are clear as to the identity of each because success on either journey requires exactly the opposite process and mindset.

Destination: Has a clear end, defined path, checkpoints and usually a timeline.  The joy is reaching the goal.

Exploration: No clear path or timeline.  Instincts and circumstances determine the path and discovery the end.  The joy is the journey and discovery.

So off we go, I’m not worried going in the wrong direction.  If we should happen to explore the wrong path we’ll know.  We’ll turn around and look elsewhere for the prize.  Cool huh?

Ciao for now.

See you Monday

Jan 10

The Direction

Howdy.  I didn’t know if you would be back.  Glad you’re here.

How’s the journey so far?  Psyche!  I’m just playin with your head.  We haven’t even started yet.

But then again I may have spoken too quickly.  Your visiting again may be a part of your journey.  I need to honor that.  Forgive me for violating rule # 1 of travel.

Rule of Travel

# 1.  Every person’s journey is different

I don’t judge yours and you don’t judge mine.  But insights and feedback are welcome.  I don’t know about you but I need all the help I can get.

We may walk on the same path for a while but we may be looking for something different and the things we encounter together will be experienced differently.  That’s the joy of having a companion.

The first decision is which direction we are going to go.  We have many choices.  But one thing is clear, I may not know what direction to go, but I do know what direction NOT to go… back toward the house.  This is a journey outward not inward.

The confines of the house are all too familiar.  I have spent too many years poking around inside trying to figure how every thing fits together and what it means.  If our focus is only inward we become trapped in an emotional cul-de-sac.

The decision to step beyond the known is a big deal.  It’s risky.  This risk is different than what you may think.  Like many, I enjoy taking risks.  I am willing to try new foods, travel to weird places, experience different types of entertainment, and my wife would say my driving is risky.

The risk that I am talking about is self.

Honestly, it is very tempting to forget the whole thing.  I sit typing on the keyboard and I don’t want the hassle or hard work.

Side note:  This blog thing is not a casual endeavor for me.  I am very serious when I say that this is a journey.  I have no idea if anyone is reading this or even cares.  But all I know is that I hear a call from beyond the wall.

I don’t know much, but this I know… there is something remarkable beyond the wall.  I realize that it will be frightening (most likely terrifying), extremely difficult, invigorating, life giving and transforming.  I am scared to death that people will think this blog is stupid, my grammar is terrible and the journey thing is ridiculous.

What makes this particularly difficult is the fact that I am not a writer.  Words do not tumble easily from my heart and head.  They struggle to find their birth on the page.  Whether they have meaning in their life is yet to be known.

The reality is… I know that I don’t have to respond to the call.  I can sit, watch TV and dull my senses to the point where the call is no longer heard and the prickly awareness that currently motivates me can be eliminated.

Even though I feel I am at risk and it’s gonna be challenging… I must go.

If you wish, join me on an adventure into the unknown.

You ready?!  In the old TV show The Cisco Kid, Cisco had a sidekick named Pancho.  His signature line whenever they were leaving was, “Let’s Went”!

So…  Let’s went… any direction but IN.

Hopefully I will see you Monday.