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Jun 10

Simply Profound

Hi, good to see you.

I’m especially glad to see you because the trail seems a bit lonelier and quieter today.   A person that has pioneered ahead on this path is no longer with us.

I didn’t know the man but I know him… if that makes any sense.

He was a simple farm boy from Indiana who became a great coach.  But his exceptionally successful coaching career was the least of accomplishments.

John Wooden was a giant… a man profound in his simplicity.  It is interesting how the quiet simple things have the most powerful impact.

I was planning to share several of his quotes but I ran across this video that illustrates his simple humble greatness.  It is a little lengthy but well worth the time.

YouTube Preview Image


I heard a quote one time that really applies to this particular situation.

“The test of one’s nature is the atmosphere it produces.”

This begs the question, What atmosphere do I create?  John Wooden inspires me to be a better man.  That statement alone tells me a lot.

Yes, the trail is lonelier today.  But John Wooden has left us lots of markers to follow as we advance.

See you Monday.