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Mar 12

Double, Double Toil & Trouble


Welcome back.

Sorry, but today is a vent day.  Those of you who read me regularly know that venting is not my thing.


Side note: My wife read the draft of this blog and said that I sound really angry.  After reading it I guess I do sound angrier than I am.

But since I’m too lazy to soften it, I ask you to please read this with your indoor voice and not your outside voice.

Ok, now to the angry blather of a blog writer.


But I have to do something or my head will explode.  I don’t know about you but the news media makes me crazy.  And this is especially true during an election cycle.

Don’t worry; I am not going to talk politics.

When it comes to politicians and the media it doesn’t matter where you happen to nest on the political spectrum… they all are the same.

Somehow they believe they are the only ones who have a handle on the truth and the big picture while we, the public, are naïve hapless children who don’t understand important stuff.

It is sort of like when you were a child and the parents were talking in hushed tones about “adult” stuff.  Invariably one of us kids would innocently ask a question about what they were talking about and the response would be universally the same.

First there would be a quick irritated glance with the, don’t bother me kid look.  And immediately these words would pop out their mouths, “Not now (insert name), you wouldn’t understand.”

With that said they would just as quickly turn back around and reengage in the conversation meant only for those who understand such things and have the maturity and insight for loftier matters.

The attitude by the media and politicians that we children do not understand is just the beginning.  This is the base or foundation for a poisonous witches brew.

All you need are three other ingredients to complete the recipe that fills the cauldron with a toxic cocktail of information for the public to consume.

First you have politicians who feel they hold the scepter of truth and possess the only view of the world.  To really spice it up all you need is to throw in egos and lust for power… of which there is an ample supply.

Secondly, you have the media (they of sufficient insight and intellect) who believe that we children cannot make sense of all the politicians’ puffery.

Therefore only they can interpret such wisdom and insights and must feed us the political and social information in a manner that we can understand on our level.


All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance.

- Will Rogers


And finally we must add the final element that whirls all the poisonous components into a frothy mess… SPIN.

We never get anything straight from anyone… there is always spin.


Don’t confuse the issue with facts.

- Me


We all know that anyone can tell any story by choosing select facts.  The politicians and media types are spin masters.

Here lies the saddest part of the story.  I get the feeling that they glory, gloat, brag, puff up, and relish in a well spun story more than the revelation of truth and reality.

I have every confidence in the American people.  I believe fully that if given real uncluttered information we can make wise and good decisions.

Yes, as you can see I am venting.  It gripes my butt when all of these politicians and media types treat us like children.

I think I’ll just go in the corner and pout for a while.

See you Monday.

Feb 12

I wish, I wish, I wish


Hi, I hope you have been tagging along the last couple of blogs. 

We have been talking about two phrases that determine the course of your life.  Each of these two phrases has as its key word… “If”.

The two simple phrases are, “What if…” and “If only…”.

We spent the last blog talking about the “What if” phrase.  It is the phrase that is future focused.  The positive application of this little phrase charts a life course and loads it with possibilities.

But as we all know, there are always two sides to a coin.  The other side of this coin is “If only…”.

Whereas the “What if…” mindset takes control of one’s life, “If only…” thinking relinquishes control.

“If Only…”

I hope I don’t sound judgmental, but I do not understand why some people choose to occupy space on this side of the coin.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have my share of “If only…” experiences in my life too.  I would have liked to have some things different.  Some were no fault of my own and some are totally the result of my own hand.

But the past is the past and I REFUSE to give it the attention or energy it tries to demand.  Looking backwards is energy used in the wrong direction.

Sadly, I know several people who are consumed with things that happened (or didn’t happen) to them in the past. 

Before we go any further it is important to note that I am not arguing with the fact that bad things happen to people.  It’s sad but true, some terrible things happen to people.  Things that are completely unfair and wrong.  

I am not debating the fairness of anyone’s particular situation, good or bad… but I am saying this… spending time on the “only if…” side of life is a losing proposition

Not only is it a losing proposition, “If only…” is victim position.  And victims feel they have no choice… except maybe revenge… but that poison pill is more deadly than refusing to let go.

There is NO win at all for expending energy in that direction.

Just so you know, I am not saying it’s an easy task.  Negative things in our lives are pretty tough hombres… they’re tough to kill. 

We think we have finally buried them and without notice we feel the slimy hand reach from a shallow grave to grab us once again.

Wishing something did or didn’t happen doesn’t change it.  The anger or resentment one hangs on to only breathes life into the death spiral.

We begin to live off the carcass of a dead past.  We sort of become the road kill on the highway of life. 

But the good news is there are other options to lying on the side of the road with tire tracks across our middle.

The scars you abhor as marks of pain become symbols of strength and character.  That’s the amazing prize of victory. 

I am inspired by J.R. Martinez.  In 2003, Martinez sustained severe burns to over 40 percent of his body while serving as a United States Army infantryman in Iraq.

As many of you know he is an actor and recent winner of the TV show Dancing With the Stars

Obviously from the picture we can see his scars are external.  He is a remarkable example of not choosing the victim phrase of “If only…”.

Its remarkable how small words can be so powerful… it all depends on how we choose to look at them.

Ciao… see you Monday.

Jul 11

Is it really?

Hi, good to see you again.

In the last blog entry we started tackling the last segment of the quote tattooed on the arm of a girl.

This series of blogs started out as a dissection of a quote but now it is turning into a dissection of the meaning of the last word of the quote – RESISTANCE.

I was intrigued by the choice of the word.  My first impression was that rebellion would be the natural word to use.

In the last blog entry I started talking about the difference between the words rebellion vs. resistance.

Yes, some use the term resistance for those who fight for a cause such as the French Resistance during WWII.

The picture is the French Resistance logo.

Side Note: I just have to say it, French Resistance seems like an oxymoron to me… OK, I know, cheap shot, sorry.  Just so you know, I have never claimed to be perfect.


But for our discussion I am looking at these words in their purest form.

Rebellion is active and aggressive in nature … a lashing out … an intentional act of retaliation toward something or someone.

Contrary to its counterpart, resistance originates from a totally different center or frame of reference.

Resistance is a refusal to be impacted or influenced.  It is a strength that prevents an opposing force making an impression on who we are and what we do.  Logic demands that when pushed… push back.

It is not strength to necessarily push back but a solid presence that keeps us anchored, immovable and unimpressionable.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.”

- Mark Twain, Pudd’nhead Wilson’s Calendar


In the second blog in this series I talked about the messages and life events that bombard every aspect of our existence.

I said in the June 16, 2011 blog the following…

Messages come from all directions in a multitude of shapes and sizes, subtle to blatant, verbal and non-verbal.

We cannot underestimate the power of messages.  They, in reality, are invisible hands from a variety of sculptors.  These hands shape and form us as people.  This is especially true when we are very young, impressionable and moldable.

In a short period of time the shapes and molds begin to harden us into the people we are… for better… or for worse.


It takes a strong and discerning person to navigate life’s waters.

First a person needs discernment to determine whether the force trying to mold them is good or bad.

Discernment is exactly the right word to use here.

Let’s face it; there are some forces in life that look unfriendly and hurtful when in reality they are strong hands that are preparing us for life.  These are individuals who are more concerned about our character than our comfort.  They love us enough to endure our displeasure as they help us grow.

Unfortunately the opposite is true.  There are forces that seem to bring freedom and enlightenment while leading us down the yellow brick road of promises that lead to things that trap and injure us.

Strength is the power to withstand the negative and minimize any effects.

As I write this my mind bounces around wondering what I am to learn regarding this powerful word – Resistance.

My immediate thoughts go to the things that I have resisted and I am proud of my firm stands.

Then of course I eventually circle around to the areas of my life where I succumbed to the messages and beliefs that have proven poisonous to me.

What insights strike you when you think about our topic – Resistance.

The resistance I talked about today is where one stands against forces that press us.  On Thursday I will talk about resistance we face that keeps us from moving forward.


Dec 10

I Hate Christmas – Again

As you know, in my last blog entry I entered the dark side of Christmas.  What started out as just a fun twist on this wonderful holiday took me into a black hole of hate. 

My wife said it was a downer blog entry… hopefully I didn’t bum you out too much also.  I don’t mean to be the bearer of negative reality, but when I get slapped in the face by something I tend to take notice. 

I mentioned that all the videos I watched and blogs I read about hating Christmas tended to revolve around three distinct themes.  These were the primary ingredients for what I called the cauldron of toxic brew created by those that hate Christmas.

Each theme has two distinct characteristics.  First, they each possess a kernel of truth which lends a level of credibility to the argument. 

Side Note:  Truth has amazing power.  Because of it’s potency it is regularly used to season a lie making it easy for consumption for the lazy or gullible. 


Secondly, each of the ingredients are clearly defined, thus allowing them to independently stand alone as a sole rationale for hating Christmas.

Although they stand alone, each video or blog I read blended two or more of the ingredients.  The three ingredients seemed to naturally mesh and compliment each other increasing the vigorous flow of hate.

Side Note:  HATE.  That’s a strong word.  Some people say that Hate is the opposite of Love.  I don’t think I agree. 

Love is a word with much passion, emotion and investment.  Interestingly, hate possesses the same characteristics.  To me the opposite of Love is apathy.  Apathy means that there is so little care for something that it is not worth any investment of time, energy or emotion. 


“Emotions are the footprints of values.”

 - Kerry Patterson


OK, back to the three ingredients of hating Christmas.


Ingredient # 1:  Political

Personally, I found these people very fascinating.  They seemed to be the brighter bulbs in the package.   Their rationale for hating Christmas was built on logic and a political framework that (in my humble opinion) is fundamentally flawed.

Here are a few phrases that seemed to capture the essence of their mindset.

  • “Brainwashed by the Christmas industrial complex”
  • “Corrupt Federal Government”
  • “Lying Capitalists”

One person even hailed the insights of the almighty Karl Marx, “Holidays are the opiate of the masses.”

You know, there is some truth to what they are saying.  I agree, the holidays are far too commercial.  But talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water… give me a break. 

Frankly, those that lay the ills of our world on the evil US Government or the filthy corporate types that exploit the masses is wearing thin (but I digress).


Ingredient # 2:  Personal

To me, these people were sad.  My heart hurt for them.  They are like a wounded animal that lashes out whenever anyone draws near.  Christmas becomes the perfect catalyst for their spews of hate because the Spirit it represents seems to cruelly mock the void within.

The sad reality is that people are treated with unconscionable brutality.  God only knows the details of their pain.   My prayer is that they will tire of the incessant rampage and stop long enough for light to pierce the dark pain.   


Ingredient # 3:  Religious

Of course, what else would you expect?  There were a lot of so called atheists out there bemoaning the notion of a religious holiday.  All the Christmas hoopla we partake in that makes us look like fools. 

The irritant is that they feel the need to set straight those of us who have succumbed to the ruse that there is a God.  Now to be fair, many who believe in God feel the need to set the atheists straight.  But that is understandable because those who don’t believe in God have more to lose if they are wrong.

There are those in cyber space that believe in God but this whole Jesus thing is really out of hand.  Christianity is too dominant, taking over the holiday season and shoving the other religious holidays to the side.


So the big question is, what do I do with all this information?  I looked at it, I considered the relevant points and then made my decision.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS.  I love what it is all about and the joy it brings to the masses.  No, it is not perfect because people are not perfect. 

So I sit next to our Christmas tree and enjoy the season.

So Merry Christmas to the Christians, Happy Hanukah to my Jewish friends and Happy whatever holiday to the Muslins.  (I wonder if Buddhist or Hindus have a holiday?)

Frankly I don’t know what to say to atheists… happy holey day… get it… holey (hole, nothing there)… uh… never mind.

See you Monday.

Dec 10

Bah Humbug

I started writing this blog as a little tongue-in-cheek ramble about people not liking Christmas.  I thought it might be a fun twist because I know that not everyone is as ga ga over Christmas as most of us.

“There are some people who want to throw their arms round you simply because it is Christmas; there are other people who want to strangle you simply because it is Christmas.”
-Robert Lynd


Also the thought of adding a little spice to this typically syrupy sweet sentimental holiday was too much of a temptation for me to pass up.

So I did what every normal American does when looking for information… I Googled, “Why I hate Christmas.” It was a gold mine of Bah Humbug.  There were over 75,000,000 sites about hating Christmas.

The first few pages were what I expected.  Most were playful satire on the distasteful aspects of Christmas such as the over commercialization of the holiday or the frenzied schedule just to name two.

I first ran across a cute Oscar the Grouch video from the Muppet Show – perfect.

YouTube Preview Image


Then a video from the UK caught my eye.  It is a simple clever video of a girl’s cynical view of Christmas.  It’s worth the three minute interruption.

YouTube Preview Image


Since these were funny and cute I thought I would dig a little deeper in my research about people not liking Christmas, oh my, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  WOW!  My head is still spinning.

Let’s just say as a starting point, there are people out there that HATE        (I mean really HATE) Christmas.

Downer Alert: I need to give you a heads up that the remainder of the blog is kind of a downer.  My wife read the blog and was somewhat bummed out.

Hang in there.  Hopefully we will redeem this when all is said and done.


First let me say that some of the people I ran across were absolutely fascinating.  They were very interesting people, albeit a bit twisted in their logic.  Then there were others who are sad hurting souls whose emotional injuries were obviously brutal.  Finally you have the group who are consumed by raw anger who use Christmas as a convenient target to spew their venom on all those people that seem a bit too joyful

It’s beginning to look a lot like Hell…uh, I mean Christmas. Every year around this time, I spiral into a bottomless pit of anger and depression.

- First sentence of a blog

In my non-scientific research of two hours I watched the videos and looked at the blogs of those who vomited their hate.  I also read the comments of their few but vocal supporters.  As I journeyed through this chorus of anger there were two mental pictures that came to mind.

The first image of the so called supporters is that of a rabid crowd standing on the street cheering the person on the ledge on to their own destruction.  They are the blood thirsty cowards who anonymously keep their distance as others do their dirty work.

The second image is that of all three groups (video people, bloggers and supporters).  I see them as a coven of witches huddled over a bubbling cauldron of poison.  They each throw a variety of ingredients into the brew as they in unison recite their incantations validating their beliefs.

As I reflected on all that I saw and read I discovered the three primary ingredients of their toxic brew.  The ingredients stands alone each possessing a kernel of truth.  But they also blend nicely with each other making it easier to legitimize the deceit.

I do not have the time or energy to go into detail today.  This will be my task for Thursday’s blog.

Let me assure you, as I did for my wife, I  am not going to camp out on these negative realities.

See you then.

Apr 10

Snake Bite

Well, I guess it’s time to get moving again.  Every now and then you need to stop and just hang out and talk but now back to the task at hand, climbing the mountain.

As most of you know this is a journey that I started January 4th of this year.  It has been rewarding and pretty interesting.  I have gotten all kinds of responses, most of which have been very supportive and individuals happy to cheer me on.  I thank all of you who have encouraged me along the way.

I have not had anyone discourage me but I have had others who look at me with a vacant stare and slowly nod politely with a… “That’s nice.”  All the while their head continues to slowly nod in a mechanical motion and you can see in their eyes… “Why in the world would anyone want to do that?”  But once again I can’t pay any attention to their non-interest.

I think I am beginning to get a handle on this “not worrying what people think thing” and glibly make a statement about not paying attention to people’s non-interest… then I am quickly body slammed to the mat by reality.

Let me explain what I mean.  Something very interesting occurred about two weeks ago.  A friend showed me the web statistics section in the behind-the-scenes portion of my blog site.  I am not a techy person so this was new territory.  This statistics section reveals all kinds of data but in particular the number of visits I get on the blog.

Interesting Statistics (to me anyway):

  • This blog has had over 7,000 hits since January 1st.
  • Averages about 500 per week
  • 39 different countries (mostly hackers probably – 4 from China)

True Confession: Of the 7,000+ hits, I am probably 1,000 of them.  The first few weeks I checked in all the time.

Now I have a new dilemma.  I have enough ego and competition in me to cause me some trouble.  I catch myself checking all too often to see how many hits I am getting.  This is not a good thing.  It causes me to think too much.

Yep… you guessed it… it plays right into my need to please people and have people’s approval.

But here’s the learning that applies to us all.  We embark on these personal journeys and make real progress.  But whatever we struggled with has a way of sneaking in and catching our attention at the most unexpected times.  It’s kinda like someone you broke up with and you end up regularly seeing them in the background with that Fatal Attraction look.

It’s frustrating but that’s just part of the process.  The spurned object of our former devotion does not exist without us.  It needs us for existence.  So it keeps showing up in a new way, trying to recapture our time, energy and devotion.

“New level, new devil.”

- Joyce Meyer

What ever we struggle with will show up in different ways to catch us unaware or just waits until we let down our guard or our resolve.

So we keep trekking up this mountain enjoying the company, enjoying the new scenery and keeping watch for those snakes that hide waiting for the right moment to bite.

Let’s face it, if you are an explorer you will get bitten.  Here’s the good news, you will never die from the bite.  You only die if you panic and run away… running pumps the poison to the heart.

You must calmly remove the snake, release the poison, realize that this is part of the process, and continue.

So I continue… with a limp and patched up ankle.

See ya Thursday.