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Mar 12

Simply, Great.


Hi, good to see you again.

You’re probably wondering who the person is in the picture.  You’ll meet him in a moment.  He is an unassuming fellow who is simply, great.  I am sure that he was not perfect… but great none-the-less.

Those of you who have read my blog for a while know that I am touched and moved by simple things and noble things.

In our high tech, grab the brass ring, take the world by storm, get out of my way world we live in; the simple things are easily pushed to the side to accommodate more impressive things.


We have, I fear, confused power with greatness.
- Stewart Udall



I admire people who have successfully fought the current of our world and become great in simple ways.

About five blog entries back (Garbage In – Treasure Out) I talked about a fellow by the name of Ervin Sievers from Clarkson, Michigan who knew who he was and was proud of what he did… a trash hauler.  He caught my eye when I read a newspaper story about Ervin wanting a garbage truck to be a part of his funeral procession.

Well, it happened again.  I ran across a simple person who has a lot to say to us.

I was digging through some of my old files and ran across an article I had used in some meetings with customers a few years back.  The 1997 USA Today article was a human interest story about a fellow by the name of Carlos Wilson, a doorman at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, VA.

The article featured Carlos because he had worked six decades without a sick day.  The not having a sick day is nice but not the reason his life touched me.  What touched me at the time was how he went about his work.


Side Note: Not having a sick day is like having perfect attendance in school – admirable but not the thing that deserves a hero button.


Since the article was fifteen years old I thought I would Google Carlos Wilson to see if he would show up.  I’m glad I did.

The top search was an article from August, 2011 in The Virginian-Pilot.  The story by Kristen Davis was about Carlos Wilson’s (pictured above) death at age 89.

This article reinforced the first article I read (1997 USA Today) and expanded on a life that finished well.

Please allow me to share a few excerpts from the article.


“The lessons of Carlos Wilson were elementary and absolute:

  • Remember people’s names.
  • Show up on time, and you’re 90 percent ahead of everyone else.
  • Do more than you’re paid to do. One day it will pay off.
  • Respect is worth more than money.
  • Lies beget lies. Tell the truth about everything; deal with it and move on.
  • Life ought to be something to live, not fear.
  • Slow down.
  • Smile.

“Within minutes of learning of Wilson’s death Friday at the age of 89, Daniel Batchelor thought of those words. He went to work for the man at The Cavalier Hotel 35 summers ago and stayed on, forgoing college. Wilson offered him all the education he’d ever need – about the hospitality business and the way to live life.

“Just two months shy of his 90th birthday, Wilson had yet to fully retire after 73 years on the job. And Batchelor, now president and general manager of the beach resort, expected him at work the day of his death.

“Wilson came to The Cavalier in 1938. He’d washed dishes, maintained the grounds, cleared tables, waited on guests, worked as the food and beverage manager and become director of guest services.

“He was deeply spiritual, and taught his daughters to say something uplifting whenever they spoke to someone. You can’t get fresh water and salt water out of the same faucet, Wilson told them. Have a silent tongue and a listening ear and you will learn something.

“He sewed up holes in his socks and holes in his undershirts and drove cars until the floorboard rusted clean through – then put wood over the hole and told passengers to watch their step when they climbed inside.

“‘When it came time for us to go to college,(his daughter said) dad had the money.’”

“One week before he died, Wilson went to work, and Batchelor sought him out, just as he always did.

“‘My dear friend’, Wilson said to him, and the two embraced.

“Batchelor would not see him again. On Friday, he spelled out these words on the marquee: “In loving memory of Mr. Carlos Wilson 73 years of service.” Then he went back to work.

“I know Carlos, in all his wisdom, would tell us, ‘You have to take care of those guests. I’m fine,’” he said.

So Batchelor did.”


Millions of people have attained a higher social status and greater financial success than Carlos Wilson.  But few can match the life he lived.

I don’t know about you, but Carlos Wilson inspires and challenges me.

I can’t think of many things I would want more than to be… simply, great.

See you Monday.


Jan 12

Power of Words


Words are remarkable.  Simple sounds from our mouths communicate our hearts and intentions to those who will listen.  Getting people to listen is the tricky part.

I am very impressed with people who possess an extensive vocabulary and have a command of the language, seriously.

I like big words, fancy words, I just don’t have too many to share.

I tell people that I have a college degree but I’m not very educated.  Unfortunately there is more truth to that statement than I would care to admit.


Don’t use words too big for the subject. Don’t say “infinitely” when you mean “very”; otherwise you’ll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.
- C. S. Lewis


For me, I am still working on small simple words.  This may sound odd but I find these small simple words the most profound.

I’m talking about single syllable words that are casually used as filler around the larger fancier words.

Words like A, The, If, In, etc.  These simple words in the right setting are life changing.  I am not kidding… LIFE CHANGING.

Let me give you an example.  Let’s take a closer look at the word IF.

I heard someone use the phrase, half of LIFE is “IF”.

It’s a catchy little phrase.  The problem with catchy phrases is that we can easily lose sight of the truth it is proclaiming or the point it is making.

There is something about this simple word that is amazingly powerful… “IF”.

It denotes a possibility of something else.

Here lies its sobering power.  This simple word in our lives either propels us forward into the joyous adventure of the unknown or it entraps us in the past or current circumstances.

The direction your life takes depends on your selection of two one of words used to adjoin IF.

What or Only.

“What if…” is very future oriented.  It takes us forward.

“Only if…” or “If only…” is past oriented or current state focued.

The word we use more often with IF tells a lot about ourselves and where we focus our lives.

Over the next couple of blog entries I will dig more deeply into the two choices we make with this simple two letter word IF.

See you Monday.


Jan 12

Best Tip for 2012 – Don’t listen to any tips


Howdy, I’m glad you decided to hang out with me today.  With any luck I will have something to say that will make your visit worthwhile.

I would be really happy if my blathering causes you think, challenges your assumptions, or simply makes you laugh.  Any of these are good things.

In my first blog entry of the year I had some tips on how to make the best of any “fresh start” you wanted to make for the New Year.

I am embarrassed to say this but I did something that I personally really, really dislike… I created a list of tips.

Lists of tips really bug me because in my mind it gives the false impression that substantive life change is easy.

I cringe when I see something that promises the impossible such as…

  • Fame and fortune in 12 Days in Five easy steps
  • Four ways to make your cat less independent
  • Three simple tips to keep Steelers fans from being so obnoxious


Talk about impossible!

Now to my credit I never implied the “fresh start” tips were easy or quick.  It was my attempt to give people a starting point.

I wasn’t intending to write a follow-up to the blog but honestly I kept being pulled back to one of points that I feel needs a little more attention.

It was tip #2 Make Changes for Yourself.

Hopefully I will not over complicate it or on the other extreme wear us all out by beating it to death.

I feel the need to press the issue because the most success in change comes when a person’s primary motivation is to do it for themselves… “I need to do this for me.  Because it’s the right thing.”

There is no question that pleasing others or regaining their respect and love is an incentive… but it cannot replace the power of doing it for yourself.

If the change is for you then you do not become disillusioned if people don’t respond the way you want or expect.

Of course it is nice and wonderful if those you love or care about respond the way you envision… that is icing on the cake.

But in it’s purest form, the response or lack of response of others is irrelevant to your journey.

You step out because you are called to higher things.  We are not called or destined to lower things.

Yes, we have all settled for things beneath us… but that is not the end of our journey.

I really admire those of you bold enough to make a “fresh start”.

The courage to start, and restart for some of us, means that your eyes are not fixed on the moment but the reality beyond.

Very, very cool.

I want to encourage you on your journey.  Hang out with me if you wish.  I’m on a journey too.

So tighten your boot strings because we’re in for a walk with some hills as-well-as flat spots.

See you Monday.

Oct 11

Oh so tempting…!


Hi, Good to see you.

Do you like the picture?  Pretty descriptive huh?

Take a close look because, visually, it is a very accurate portrayal of what I am going to talk to you about.

Now the first thing you are probably thinking is that I am going to talk to you about being oblivious to the world around you and having your head buried in the sand… well… kinda… but not exactly.

I am going to talk about the other end of the anatomy.  Yep, you guessed it.

The person with their head buried in the sand is in perfect posture for a swift, well placed kick in the ass.

I don’t know about you but everyone… I mean everyone, needs a swift kick in the rear occasionally.

Let’s be honest for a moment.  Yes, it is important to support and empathize with people you care about.  It is during those times we want to encourage and hopefully motivate.  

Butt (sorry… I just had to do it) there are times when complacency has set in and inertia is the pattern. 

The person is well beyond the pat on the back, shot in the arm, kiss on the cheek stage.  The reality is… attention to another cheek is in order.

It is obvious that when a person has buried their head they are hiding from reality. 

But there is a sadder and scarier reality.  When a person’s head is buried in the sand there is no movement.  You atrophy and die when there is no movement.

The goal is movement.  You can’t steer a parked car.

I have said this many times and of course I will say it again…

Progress not perfection


There is no progress without movement. 

Someone needs to love us enough to get us moving.  It’s not pleasant, but my oh my, it is life giving.

Now here’s the tricky part for me.  How do I kick you in the rear when you need it?  How do I stir you to action with a blog?

I could make fun of you – You’re ugly and you dress funny.

But that doesn’t do much good… except make me laugh. 

Since I am not there to take you by the ear and guide you to the next step… I challenge you.

I have no idea what has been stirring around inside of you that you need to act on.  But DO IT!!!

There is something that comes to mind that you have been hiding from and now is the time. 

So before you make me put on my kicking boots, do what you know you should do.

I don’t know what it is… but you do.  Maybe it is to make that call, or the apology that is long over due, possibly it’s to write a letter, or apply for that new job, or end the relationship, or to get off your ass and begin the exercise program.

I am excited to see what you end up doing.

I hope to see you Monday.

Aug 11

Dreams caught in the headlights


Hi there.

I want to give you a quick heads up.  The blog entry today is a bit heavier than what I intended.

This morning when I started writing the blog I was going in a totally different direction.  But then I read something and my thoughts and fingers decided to go to a different place.

It is more vulnerable than I want to be but it is what it is.  Hopefully it will be thought provoking, but more importantly, challenging.

For some reason I was struck with an odd awareness of a deep reality.

It’s interesting how things are clearer looking back than forward.  The thought that caused me pause was this, I could have done a lot of things if I only thought I could.

When one is young, you can only look forward into the unknown and dream, never seeing true reality.

There is a difference between having a dream and believing a dream.  I had dreams like every other kid… I just never believed them.

In hindsight they were intangible visions that identified my wants and desires but eventually floated silently to the ground and smothered in the reality of my inadequacy.

I could be sad, bitter or even angry if I chose, but that is for those who decide to waste time and energy looking back.

Everyone has experienced those times when a memory of a dream past or opportunity lost has wiggled its way to the surface and we immediately brand it with the “if I knew then what I know now” idiom.

Dreams or opportunities of “what can be” are beyond the headlights.

Side Note: After reading the last sentence I am sure most of you tilted your head and said a questioning, huh?

Stick with me a bit longer.


In the dark, our headlights provide only limited visibility.  This is the world of the known.  Anything beyond the reach of the lights is the unknown.

I can stay where I am and live in the visible world.  It is only when one moves forward that what was previously invisible becomes visible… what was unknown is known.  It is by moving forward that we experience a different reality.

What was once seen as a dream or out of reach in the dark at some point is brought into sight.  These things only come into light because we moved.

I like to think of myself as a late bloomer.  Frankly, I would rather bloom late than never at all.

I have also learned not to second guess things.  First, it doesn’t change the present, and second, we don’t have all the information to make an accurate judgment.

It is easy to look back and stare directly into the headlights of “what if”.  No one knows what could have been different.  But I do know this… I cannot, MUST NOT, allow the past to corrupt the future.


“The only real misfortune, the only real tragedy, comes when we suffer without learning the lesson.”

-  Emmett Fox



The greater tragedy than a past lost opportunity is to loose this opportunity.  You may be wondering, what opportunity?

If you are moved by what I am writing then you too bear the marks of moments lost.  The stir you feel is the call to turn your eyes outward to “what can be”.

We must not have our focus on what is behind.  Everything must be brought into the present and challenge ourselves with what do I do now.

If you do… you move forward.


“Dear God,

I ain’t what I wanna be, and I ain’t what I’m gonna be,
and I sure ain’t what I oughta be.
But thank God I ain’t what I used to be!!!

- Gert Behanna


See you Monday.

Apr 11

The Grind


Hi there.

I have started this blog about fifteen times… seriously.  My mind is active and my fingers are moving but nothing worthwhile is being produced.  At least not yet.

The process has been going something like this – peck away on the keyboard, get some words on the page, read, grimace, delete, pause, repeat process.

I’m not giving up.  I’ll keep pecking away and I feel good about it… a bit frustrated but feeling good.

I believe that life rewards those who stick with something.

Sticking with something doesn’t guarantee success but it does guarantee (for me) satisfaction.  It is the satisfaction that only comes from pressing forward when things are NOT pleasant or fun.

It’s easy to keep going with things are going well and the energy of success is oozing out all over the place.  It doesn’t take any courage or sacrifice during those times when things are  fun, exciting and success is dancing in your hands.

Another thing that heightens the satisfaction level for me is that I can see where I have grown.  Historically I would have blown off the responsibility and moved on to something more enjoyable, more fun and less challenging… embarrassing, but true.

A personal ah ha for me is the realization that there is a difference between success and progress.

“All change is not growth; all movement is not forward.”

- Ellen Glasgow


I would like to add to this quote… all success is not progress.

Success can be very deceptive.  The world we live in primarily focuses on success and measures one by those standards.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not slamming success.  I want to be successful and I admire successful people.

The bigger questions in life are: Are we moving forward?  Are we making progress?

The points of forward motion are where the stress, friction, difficulty and challenges lie.  These are the areas that require resolve and commitment.

I heard a coach say one time that every player likes the day of the game.  The excitement, cheers of the crowds, the attention.

But few are the players  who are willing to put in the time and energy on a hot field to improve their skills.  There is no roar of the crowd or success dancing on the finger tips – just the hard grind.

So bottom line is, I am feeling pretty good.  I feel I am accomplishing something and I am moving forward.  I like that feeling, its fulfilling.

Success has its rewards, and I want them.

But grinding along, putting one foot in front of another, moving forward and making progress has its reward too – fulfillment.  What a joy.

“I will go anywhere, provided it be forward.”

David Livingstone

So I am glad I kept pecking away.  I don’t know if the blog helped you but it sure helped me.

See you Thursday.

Feb 11

Buying Time


I was reminded this week of an amazing experience I had a few years ago.

Side Note: When seemingly out of the blue we are struck by a memory or something stirs our hearts and heads in an unusual way… take note.  It is important to pay attention because most of the time these are not cosmic random accidents.

I believe that at different points in our life we are ready to move forward in a particular aspect of our growth.  These seemingly random events are God’s tap on the shoulder to let us know that now is the time to take a step in a new direction.


I accompanied a CEO of a significant mid-sized company to an industry forum at a University.  The attendees were leaders of companies in a particular industry, educators and students.

It was your run of the mill meeting until the leaders were asked about how to instill loyalty into employees.

My friend answered this way.

“Loyalty is a value that is reflected.  Employees will only be as loyal to a company, as the company is to them.

‘We pay a commodity (money) for the most priceless thing a person has… their time.  We give a person something in return for this priceless gift… time from their life.”

This begs one of the most important questions of our existence… what is my life worth?  What is the value I place on my life?

We can get pretty lofty and philosophical rather quickly on a topic such as this.  But in reality it’s pretty simple.

We are constantly giving (exchanging) our life for something.

As mentioned earlier, we sell our time.  We get money for the hours we give daily to our employer.  I am not saying this is a bad thing but only to bring to point the fact that we are constantly exchanging our most priceless possession, time, for something.

Tossing around this idea of exchanging our life for something causes me to pause.  It forces me, as it should, to assess the various aspects of my life as to whether I am frittering away this priceless commodity or not.

I personally believe that to have a growing and vibrant life that we must periodically take pause to reflect on our life choices.  Why we need to do it periodically is because what we view as worthwhile or important changes with time and life experiences.

Now, I don’t want this quick peek into our life to get all heavy and burdensome.  It is not meant to be.  It is just one of those spots where we take advantage of some new insights to adjust the use of our time.

My Credo:   Progress not Perfection

The following is an adjustment that I know will take me forward to a happier more productive life.  For me this quick stop has heightened the prickly sensation I have been getting in regards to the amount of TV that I watch… too much.

This is not a new insight but points like this press the issue and forces a decision… ignore it and stay where I am or make some changes and enjoy my life journey more.

It is not a matter of giving up TV because that is not what I feel is required.  But, just like you, I know when I cross the line of relaxation and enjoyment into a complete waste of an hour of my life.

It is times like that where we actually exchange our most precious commodity for something of no value.

It is also important to remember that assessing life choices is a very individualized and personal assessment.   What one sees as a worthwhile endeavor to another is seen a waste of time.

You may not have an issue of watching too much TV.  Maybe it’s reading too much, games, or other mindless time wasters.  Something that makes you feel crappy after jettisoning an hour of your life into infinity.

Now there are some of you who are reading this with that smug look on your face indicating that you are above the trivial time wasters.  You trade your time too.  We who waste time are fully aware that we do so.  You on the other hand are trapped in the delusion that what you do seems “productive”.

For you “productive” types, maybe your time escape is running, working, endless chores, anything to validate your worth.

I believe we spend half of our life trying to figure out how to live our life.  I think for the most part in the early years we throw our lives at all sorts of stuff.  This is a sort of trial and error approach to living from which we get life lessons.

Some may see writing a blog as a waste of time.  Especially the time wasted writing a blog that no one may read or about the nebulous topic… life.

But that’s the beauty of life.  I know this is a good productive thing for me.

The issue is, what are you to do differently that will help you grow?

See you Monday.

Oct 10

Here, But Not All There


It will be pretty easy keeping up with me today.  I’m still moving pretty slow from all the poking, probing, cutting, piercing, sticking, pushing, pulling, and restraining… and that’s just from me shaving this morning, little lone the surgery I had last week.

I feel like a rusty 1983 Oldsmobile that runs on 3 cylinders with smoke pouring out the back and owned by a family of twelve from the hills of Kentucky.

I know, I know, I just offended a lot of Oldsmobile lovers out there.  Sorry about that.

So you can quickly see that I am not at full throttle today.

I am at a weird point in my recuperation.

  • I am getting bored but too distracted by my body to do anything productive.
  • I don’t hurt much and then move too quickly
  • I feel guilty not doing much then can’t focus well to get anything done
  • You can do a few things on your own but not enough to not be dependant on someone else at times
  • You don’t want anyone to hover but you don’t want to be left alone
  • Too out of it to read but tired of TV

Side Note: Speaking of TV, you know you’re watching too much TV when you have seen all the reruns (twice), you have 200 channels and nothing interests you and you begin to believe Oprah is actually talking to you.

So you may be asking, how can you write a blog when only half of the circuit board if functional?  The answer is slowly.  I type and rest, read and delete then type and wait.  And then you just hope that the sentences are somewhat coherent and the thoughts responsible.

Usually when I write a blog I try in some way to turn my thoughts and insights back on you in the hopes that you are stretched, moved or challenged.  Not today.  You’re on your own.

If you happen to pull out anything that is meaningful from today’s blog then you’re a better person than I am.  Or you may have a little too much time on your hands and you might want to consider backing off of your medications a bit.

Thanks for hanging out with me… but not hovering.

See you Thursday.

Apr 10

Jumpin’ In Head First

Some people are “risk takers”.  I’m pretty good at taking risks overall.  I don’t bungee jump but I do drive fast (according to my wife) and I enjoy doing different things.

There are risks… then there are RISKS.  And these vary from one to another.  What may be a big “R” risk to you may not be anything to me, and visa versa.

But I took a big “R” risk today.  It wouldn’t be for a lot of people but for me it was a RISK.

I just spent time re-reading some of my writings from the past few months.  Just as one sweeps their arm across a cluttered surface to remove debris, I had to do this before I started to read.

The debris I had to sweep to the side was my insecurity about writing and the embarrassment of awkward wording and bad grammar.  But once I brushed those aside I was pleased to find some nuggets of thought and the occasional sparkle of a well turned phrase.

I don’t know if anyone else likes it… but I did.  And that’s the important thing.

Side Note:  Just the above statement alone is a fairly significant step for me on this journey up the mountain.  In the not too distant past I would have never admitted that I thought what I wrote was any good.

Once again I must keep in the forefront of my mind that writing is not for anyone else but me.  But even with this fresh in my thinking the slimy arm of inferiority begins to reach from its shallow grave and try to capture me in its grasp once again.

The moment I try to write to appeal to others… the self is lost.  One loses themselves when trying to be accepted by others.

Personally, this is one entry that I hope not many people read because it makes me feel so exposed.  But… if you happened to have read to this point (thank a teacher).  Sorry for the poor attempt to lighten the moment.

But if you have read this far, I have to ask you a question.  What have you tried to bury but keeps re-emerging from its shallow grave?

I tend to believe that everyone has a makeshift burial ground close by where dead things are buried out of sight.

There, some things are legitimately dead… these are things that have been put in their place and possess no life to re-emerge to haunt us.

Other things are crafty, they pretend to be dead but wait for the moment to reach out and grab us when we least expect it or when we are vulnerable.

The most dangerous are those we naively pretend to be dead with the belief that doing so will remedy the issue.

There is a difference between pretending something is not there and ignoring it.

Pretending is the denial of reality and hoping that when you open your eyes again it will have disappeared.

Ignoring is intentional and strategic.  You know full well the presence of the issue but a decision is made to destroy by neglect.  You decide not to focus energy on the issue.  Putting energy toward something feeds it… positive or negative.

So I have decided to just ignore the old feelings that try to trap.

See you Monday.

Mar 10

A Sack of Rocks

Nice to see you again.  Hopefully my last few blog entries have encouraged you to take the step you have been reluctant to do take.  If you didn’t, maybe today will be that day… no pressure.

But if you for some reason decided not to step out into the risky unknown (or you took a small step and didn’t continue) I offer you a caution from personal experience.

Usually when we seriously contemplate a step in a new direction it is because something has stirred us and we feel compelled to move.  But then something happens, we decide not to step out or we quickly stop.

We then tend to feel pretty crappy and caulk it up as another missed opportunity.  Now this is where it gets dicey, if not careful we end up tossing another rock in the sack we carry on our backs as a souvenir of our perceived failure.

Sack of Rocks: This is a bag that we all carry.  It is loaded with rocks that we have accumulated from life experiences, failures, tragedy or anything else that tends to weigh us down.

Everyone has a sack but the load carried depends on whether or not the person decides to put the rock in their bag.  It’s tough trying to march up a mountain with a load of rocks on our backs.

You probably notice that I use the term perceived failure.  I will drill down on this in a moment but first we need to be honest with ourselves.  Sometimes we do fail.  It’s not a perceived failure, it is a legitimate failure.  I mean… we have all really done some stupid stuff.

We make big mistakes in our lives and the consequences are pretty clear.  We cannot (must not) make excuses for some decisions or actions we have made.  The reality is, some things are just wrong and we need to stop and change our behavior.

“You can’t talk yourself out of something you acted yourself into.”

– Stephen Covey


Back to the “perceived failure” topic.

As mentioned there are things we do that are wrong and they are pretty clear.  But there are a lot of things that occur where we feel we have failed and… yep you guessed it… we throw another rock in the sack because we feel like we deserve it.  And on our journey we have accumulated a sack of rocks so heavy that it makes it difficult to try anything new or anything again.

I have come to believe that what we perceive as failure many times is in reality a part of the process of our growth.

Allow me a metaphor about a butterfly.

I know what you’re thinking… oh brother… that’s all I need, a cheesy little story about a sweet little butterfly.  Stick with me it’s actually a pretty good illustration.

The transformation of becoming a butterfly is in the hidden confines of the cocoon.  There is a divine transformation occurring and no one sees it.  After the butterfly has developed to such a point internally, the transformation work then transitions into the open.

The butterfly struggles and pushes to be released from the confines.  The butterfly could beat up on itself for having such a difficult time… for trying and stopping for a bit.

But here’s the miracle.  The struggle is part of the process.  The pressing and pushing is the very thing that is forcing life into the wings.

For too long I beat myself up for my perceived failures.  I carried a lot of unnecessary rocks.  Life’s tough enough the way it is without carrying extra weight.  I don’t know about you but I am unloading rocks.  I’ve got a more to unload but I can tell already that the climb this mountain is much easier.

Don’t believe the lie that you need to carry the rocks.  Go ahead… take one out and toss it.  Just don’t throw it in my direction.

You can keep throwing rocks in your sack or you can STOP IT!

I love this video.  It’s fun but more importantly there is a lot of truth to it.  It is a simple truth that we need to take to heart.


YouTube Preview Image


By the way, you’ll need to lighten your load because we’re getting ready to climb a pretty steep portion of the mountain.