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Feb 10

The Critical Eye

Hi, I’m back.  I feel like I fell off the face of the earth this week.  I was out of town for business and I just didn’t get to the two blog entries.

Note regarding the last blog entry:

My wife told me I had some bad grammar in my last blog.  Oops! my bad.  But as I write this I sit contently smiling with the fact that I don’t really care.

Side Note: I’m really glad she told me for a couple of reasons.

First, like every good partner they want you to look good (the picking the lint and spit and hair thing goes a bit far at times though).

Secondly, it has given me something to talk about.  Something very relevant for this journey we are on.

It’s not that I want to have bad grammar or try to bug you by my writing errors, and it’s not that I want to look stupid either.  Just so you know… not caring is a big step for me.  In my past (not too distant past) I would have really worried about what someone might think.

Side Note: Thank God for red and green squiggles under words or sentences.  If you think my writing is bad now you should see it before I get it on the computer.

Another thought struck me about my poor grammar.  If some poor grammar or a few misspelled words cause some of you to discount what I am saying, it may be something for you to look at.  You grammar snob… you’re probably bemoaning the fact that I ended the sentence with a preposition (aren’t you impressed that I know what a preposition is).

But seriously, there may be a learning here for us all as we take risks on this journey we are taking.

There is a difference between having a discerning critical eye and being critical.  Some of you just tilted your head and went…Huh?  Yep there is a difference (at least in the little world of Jerry Rushing).

Critical Eye: The ability to identify any detail that takes away or diminishes the success or purpose of something.  A critical eye enhances and elevates.

Critical: Pointing out something that may be technically correct but the intent or approach undermines success or detracts from the purpose.

Why is this so important to those of us who have decided to embark on this trek up the mountain?  Everything.

When you embark on a risky journey and explore you will naturally grow as a person.  You will change.  Change is scary sometimes to the people around us.

The sad reality is that people that are close to us are used to seeing us and knowing us in a certain way.  When we make changes in our lives the ripple effects are felt in the lives around us.  Usually that’s pretty good, but sometimes it is uncomfortable for others and they want to inadvertently force us back to the box they are use to.

Our journey will never be easy or perfect.  Growth and change is messy at times.  Some of us have the blessing of having very supportive people around us to cheer us on and provide a critical eye on little things that may helps us grow.  Others have to realize that some people are just critical and the motives… not as pure.

This is where personal resolve for your journey is key.  I am fortunate to have a supportive audience but my resolve is strong.

I know that I will not be perfect on this journey and criticism will come.  Remember Progress Not Perfection is key.

Just so you know, I had my wife proof this blog entry this time.  If there are any grammatical errors or misspelled words… let’s blame her.