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Dec 10

A Time to Rest


Well, I made it.  I eventually found the computer nestled down in all the Christmas wrapping, boxes and gifts.  What made this seemingly simple task more difficult is that I am slowly emerging from my sugar stupor.

I see that you survived Christmas also… I’m glad you made it.

I have two exciting things going on today. 

First, this is my one hundredth blog entry this year.  Now this may not seem like a big thing to you but I’m pretty psyched.  Wow, one hundred.

For me that’s a lot of writing.  Just so you know, I realize that all this writing doesn’t necessarily mean I have much to say.  Those of you who are regular readers probably know that by now.

Side Note:  I will poke at the significance of writing at the first anniversary of launching my blog in January. 


The second point of excitement is gearing up for the New Year.  Christmas has faded and the New Year is rumbling toward us. 

I don’t know if this happens to you but something strange occurs to me on December 26th.  It’s as though someone flips a switch in my head and Christmas is over.  All of a sudden the beautiful decorations seem a bit weary, the thousands of twinkly lights feel obtrusive and the Christmas tree looks out of place.

There is no doubt that there are some reading this blog who are super sad to see Christmas go and others are overly ecstatic that it’s over.  For me, I am somewhere in the middle.  Not sad or ecstatic but just ready to move on. 

The week between Christmas and New Year is like an emotional decompression period that prepares us for the new year.

We spend months slowly picking up speed as we move toward the holidays.  It is an interesting progression of a snail’s pace start that builds to a frenzied finish. 

Here’s how I see it unfolding.  Summer is over, school has started, fall is poking its head around the corner and then it begins.  It’s as though Labor Day is like the announcement at a NASCAR race, “Gentlemen… start your engines.” 

The engines are started and things are set in motion.  We slowly begin to rumble along and then Halloween begins to suck us into the turbine engine of the holidays. 

No sooner do the kids come down from the sugar high of their sacks of candy and Thanksgiving starts looming on the horizon.  Whereas Halloween is usually focused on the immediate family, the increased speed now invades to the extended family. 

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday.  It is the fueling station before the start of the race.  “Black Friday” has become the “green flag” for frenzy.  The frantic race is underway, and it crescendos at Christmas. 

Side Note:  How’s that for mixing metaphors… I start with a race and end with a musical note.

 Hey, I never said I was a good writer.  But you have to admit it does keep you on your toes.

So the week between Christmas and New Year is the gift of decompression.  This is a time to allow our heads to stop spinning and to get our bearings (nautical metaphor thrown in for good measure).

So I turn my eyes toward New Year’s Eve and Day.  At this point my wife and I have no plans.  We will find something fun to kick-off the year.

But there is one more thing pressing me.  I have one more blog entry this year.  So I am already trying to wrap my mind around what will be a good capstone for the year.

Have a relaxing week as you unwind.  See you Thursday.