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Jul 12

I see a reflection!


You want to know what really bugs me?  Probably not but I will tell you anyway.

Pushy People.

Have you ever been driving along pretty fast and then have someone ride your butt with the intention of pushing you along?

I don’t know about you but it doesn’t motivate me to move along faster.  In fact I want to slow down to show them they can’t control me.

Yes, call me weird or sick.  I probably have some psychological malady about being controlled that surfaces during these events.

But pushy people bug me… and not just in driving.

I dislike it when I am in a line and people get all pushy and try to slip around me trying to get ahead.

If you have ever been trapped at an early bird buffet in Fort Lauderdale you catch my drift.  There is enough pushing, shoving and cane poking to last a lifetime.

In the spirit of full disclosure my wife would say that I would tend to be pushy at times… humpf… not me.

Well, maybe a little – but not much (seriously).


Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire.
– Confucius

One of the things that I’ve learned over time is that the things that quickly irritate us most are things that we tend to do ourselves.

I’ve mentioned this example in an earlier blog but it applies perfectly to the topic today.

When I meet someone new I do the usual chitchat that everyone does to establish relationship.  As you know, at some point the conversation with someone you just met eventually circles around to children.  How many? Ages? Etc.

After I have established a good rapport (and if the circumstances are appropriate) I generally ask which of their lovely children tends to be the greatest challenge for them personally.

Nine times out of ten it’s the child that is most like them.  The parent gets irritated at the child for very things they do.

Yep… we are all guilty of this to some degree.

Allow me to throw a few examples at you and see if any irritate you.  As the old country axiom goes… the dog that yelps was the one hit by the rock.

-        Pushy people dislike things that push them

-        People who have edgy tones in their voices bristle at edgy tones in others

-        Aloof people hate being discounted

-        People with cutting sarcasm detest insensitive cutting people

-        Controlling people hate to be controlled

-        Intolerant people abhor intolerant people

-        Add your own to the list


I can hear some of you scowling in your head… this guy is making blanket statements and exaggerating the examples.

Oh… did I forget to mention a couple of more things that should be on the above list?

-   People who exaggerate deplore exaggeration

-   People who make blanket statements are bothered by people who make blanket statements


Frankly, I am sure most of you can punch holes in my logic.  Probably.

But for some of you I hit a nerve.  That’s a good thing.

A hit nerve forces us to take a look at what’s causing the pain.

Ciao… See you Monday.

Oct 11

Your point is…?


Hi there, welcome back… bubble boy.

In case you’re wondering about this bubble boy nonsense you need to take a quick look at the last blog entry.  It will get you up to speed on all of this bubble stuff.

I may not know much, but I do know that you typically don’t want any sharp objects around bubbles or balloons.

You notice I said typically.  When it comes to fun stuff you don’t want anything to pop your bubble.  We have to guard and protect those things.

We tend to shy away from the sharp piercing things in life because, simply put, they hurt when you bump into them.  They destroy plans or upset your little world.

But there are times when sharp objects around your bubble may be the greatest gift you can ever receive.

Bubbles in reality are pretty fragile.  It doesn’t take much to poke a hole in our protective cover.

But here’s the scary part.  After years of protecting our fragile bubble something sinister begins to take place.

The bubble, without warning, gradually hardens and thickens.  What was once a delightful, colorful, bouncy bubble has slowly transformed into an opaque shell that entraps.

Where once a pin prick could shatter the confines of the bubble, it’s now mocked by its inability to cause enough discomfort or distraction for consideration.

What was once a nice comfortable place to protect ourselves has now become a narrow box that leaves us no room to grow or move.

I don’t know about you, but I have had my share of things that have trapped me over the years and I can tell you from experience… a simple pin prick is much more attractive and tolerable than the sledgehammer required to get someone out of their shell.

Some of you may be saying that you like your shell and you have no desire to get out of your familiar, predictable, tiny, narrow, box.

OK, suit yourself… but fair warning.  Life has a way of taking a sledgehammer to our world.  This is not life’s way of punishing us but releasing us.

Hopefully this blog is a little pin prick for some of you and pops your thin bouncy bubble.

For others, I hope this little speck of dust of a blog turns out to be a tiny seed.

Don’t giggle at the notion of a dust particle seed.  You never can tell what happens when those pesky seeds get inside.

See you Thursday.

Oct 11

Dancing Shoes and a Flamingo Under My Arm


Howdy… Welcome back.

The title?  Yes, I know… weird… but creating it made my head feel good.   It was sort of like pop rocks for my brain.

I was dry, very dry.  It has been an extremely busy week and I have been in a day long draining meeting.  The thought of trying to write a blog made my head implode from the vaccuum.  There was nothing.

But I leaned back in my chair and said a short prayer and… pow… the randon title.

Frankly, I am kind of weirded out just writing about it.  But at least words are finding their way from “who knows where” through my finger tips on to this page.

It would have been so easy just to blow off this whole blog thing and veg in front of the TV.  Afterall, I deserved the break.

But some journeys in life are not easy.  If we really want to go somewhere exciting the easy route is not an option. 

The easy route… humm, it sounds good when you’re tired… but I couldn’t do it.

Now don’t get all impressed that I pushed through my tiredness and wrote this blog.  I am not sure why this blog is different than most things in my life, but opting out was not an option.


If you want to know the truth, I am pretty lazy.  Historically I have, metaphorically speaking,  preferred the lawn chair to a lawn mower most of my life. 

I am not proud of the fact that I mastered  the art of vegging at an early age.  But it is true none-the-less.

But if you are tired of where you are… and willing to open yourself to a different call (other than the call of the couch and nachos) then life will become a bold adventure. 

In the past I would have never pushed through the tiredness and empty headedness and worked on something like a blog. 

But when you become willing to listen to the constant call from just beyond the wall your world begins to change.

It has been a very, very good thing.

How about joining me on Thursday for some more travels.

P.S.  Just because I pushed through the tiredness doesn’t mean I will write a lot.  Anyway… I gotta fix some nachos and grab my lawn chair.


Sep 11

It ROCKS or It’s rocks?


Hi, thanks for visiting.

Well, I am doing something I thought I would never do again… I am going to use another quote from Charlie Sheen.

I know, I know…. I have no excuse.

What scares me is that I have crossed the line a few times the past couple of months.  I used a quote from Tony Robbins… and now Charlie Sheen… twice.

Now to all of you Tony Robbins fans, don’t get your shorts in a wad because I am cracking on him.

Well… maybe you should… because I just don’t like him, and I still think he’s creepy.  But I do have to give him credit for a good quote.

Side Note: If you want to know what his quote was… go back a few blogs and search for it.  I’m not going to pamper your lazy… rear (I really wanted to say ass but thought I should be kind to my blog friends) by providing it for you.

If you are new, just ignore my weirdness.  It grows on you after a while.


Now Charlie Sheen on the other hand is quite a different matter.  I am sure some of you are bothered that I am even giving him any attention.

I totally understand.  There is absolutely no question that he is the poster child for attention freaks and yes, here I am talking about him.

I get the feeling that Charlie Sheen is the Hollywood equivalent of a NASCAR race.  Everyone is sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting for the inevitable crash.

Unfortunately… he will crash.  It won’t be a pretty sight.

We have no control over the Charlie Sheens of the world.

The sad reality is, we all have Charlie Sheens in our lives.  We care about them but no amount of talking, helping or support will do any good.  They are blinded.

Hopefully when they crash some sanity will be restored.  Then maybe they will be open to the help.

Maybe a better question is, are you a Charlie Sheen?  But then again, usually Charlie’s don’t know they are Charlie’s.

Anyway, I don’t think the Charlie Sheens of the world would be caught dead reading a blog about life.

Now that I think about it, I bet I seem creepy to him.  Humm?

OK, back to the quote.  The quote that jump started my mind a whirling is something that is so foreign to my way of thinking.

“People say you have to work on your resentments. Yeah, no, I’m gonna hang onto them and they’re gonna fuel my attack.”
- Charlie Sheen



Sorry, but this type of thinking is so foreign to me.  I am sure that it is more common than I would like to believe, but it is still so foreign to me.

The really interesting thing to me is, Charlie Sheen prides himself on being his own person and unwilling to be controlled.

Strangely, his quote proves himself wrong.  You see, hanging on to resentments for him, or anyone for that matter, places the power in someone else’s hands.  In essence, the other person is controlling you.

Hanging on to stuff like that is a sack of rocks that takes its toll.

I like myself too much to put that much effort into something that drags me down.

I must say… Charlie is interesting, sad but interesting.

See you Monday.

May 10

The Positive Negative

Hello… Pumpkin Head here.  If you did not read the last blog the Pumpkin Head thing will make no sense what so ever.

The time box that I have been exploring the past couple of blogs has been pretty interesting, sentimental, fun and… not so fun.  Looking through the box I found some vivid reminders of my academic accomplishments, or more accurately non-accomplishments. 

I was in the quarter of the graduating class that made the upper three quarters possible.  The interesting thing is that I know now that I’m not dumb.   

Side Note:  Not being dumb doesn’t mean that I haven’t done some stupid stuff and goofy things.  I have learned that intellect doesn’t negate stupidity.

Have you ever done anything stupid?  Humm… my guess is… YES!    


Although I don’t think I am dumb you would never known it by my grades, they were horrible.  I even had to repeat a grade in High School because I failed too many classes.  (Too bad the pass theory now in place in schools wasn’t in there when I was in school.)

Not only did I make crappy grades I didn’t fit in.  I was the classic misfit.  I wasn’t cool enough to be with the popular kids; athletic enough to be a jock; obviously academically challenged as to not make it to the National Honor Society crowd;  or bad enough to hang out with the “Bad Boys”.

I was just there… pretty much a non-entity.

Side Note:  While writing all this about myself I could just hear some of the various responses.

  • “Poor thing”
  • “Ahhh”
  • If you are from the South you said, “Oh bless his heart.”

Now don’t go feeling bad for me.  My psyche wasn’t damaged too much and I did all right for myself.  I ended up marrying a hot girl from Georgia who was Miss High School everything plus Homecoming Queen… so take that Linda from Miss Rogers 5th period History class.  Sorry, I just got carried away.

I’m sure the big question on your mind is, “So what?”  You may be wondering what in the world does this guy sharing his High School experiences have to do with me. 

Maybe nothing.  Maybe more than you might think. 

This blog is about a journey, a journey away from things that restrict growth, freedom, and experiencing life at it’s fullest.  It is also a journey to, to taking risks, putting things in their place and really enjoying this marvelous life ride we are all on.  What an adventure.  What a blessing.  I used to view negative things in my life so… so… negatively. 

This may sound strange but not all negative things are negative.  

I don’t know the negative things in your life that somehow ended up in your bag of rocks.  (See the 3/9/30 blog Sack of Rocks.)

All I know is that some of you are reading this blog and something is stirring.  Something that compels you to let go of some of those rocks you perceive as negative that have been making your journey a bit more difficult.

I have never openly shared that I failed a grade in High School… it was embarrassing.  But strangely enough I don’t see it nearly the deal it was at one time.  Growth and openness has a way of changing the way we see things.

See you Monday.

Mar 10

A Sack of Rocks

Nice to see you again.  Hopefully my last few blog entries have encouraged you to take the step you have been reluctant to do take.  If you didn’t, maybe today will be that day… no pressure.

But if you for some reason decided not to step out into the risky unknown (or you took a small step and didn’t continue) I offer you a caution from personal experience.

Usually when we seriously contemplate a step in a new direction it is because something has stirred us and we feel compelled to move.  But then something happens, we decide not to step out or we quickly stop.

We then tend to feel pretty crappy and caulk it up as another missed opportunity.  Now this is where it gets dicey, if not careful we end up tossing another rock in the sack we carry on our backs as a souvenir of our perceived failure.

Sack of Rocks: This is a bag that we all carry.  It is loaded with rocks that we have accumulated from life experiences, failures, tragedy or anything else that tends to weigh us down.

Everyone has a sack but the load carried depends on whether or not the person decides to put the rock in their bag.  It’s tough trying to march up a mountain with a load of rocks on our backs.

You probably notice that I use the term perceived failure.  I will drill down on this in a moment but first we need to be honest with ourselves.  Sometimes we do fail.  It’s not a perceived failure, it is a legitimate failure.  I mean… we have all really done some stupid stuff.

We make big mistakes in our lives and the consequences are pretty clear.  We cannot (must not) make excuses for some decisions or actions we have made.  The reality is, some things are just wrong and we need to stop and change our behavior.

“You can’t talk yourself out of something you acted yourself into.”

– Stephen Covey


Back to the “perceived failure” topic.

As mentioned there are things we do that are wrong and they are pretty clear.  But there are a lot of things that occur where we feel we have failed and… yep you guessed it… we throw another rock in the sack because we feel like we deserve it.  And on our journey we have accumulated a sack of rocks so heavy that it makes it difficult to try anything new or anything again.

I have come to believe that what we perceive as failure many times is in reality a part of the process of our growth.

Allow me a metaphor about a butterfly.

I know what you’re thinking… oh brother… that’s all I need, a cheesy little story about a sweet little butterfly.  Stick with me it’s actually a pretty good illustration.

The transformation of becoming a butterfly is in the hidden confines of the cocoon.  There is a divine transformation occurring and no one sees it.  After the butterfly has developed to such a point internally, the transformation work then transitions into the open.

The butterfly struggles and pushes to be released from the confines.  The butterfly could beat up on itself for having such a difficult time… for trying and stopping for a bit.

But here’s the miracle.  The struggle is part of the process.  The pressing and pushing is the very thing that is forcing life into the wings.

For too long I beat myself up for my perceived failures.  I carried a lot of unnecessary rocks.  Life’s tough enough the way it is without carrying extra weight.  I don’t know about you but I am unloading rocks.  I’ve got a more to unload but I can tell already that the climb this mountain is much easier.

Don’t believe the lie that you need to carry the rocks.  Go ahead… take one out and toss it.  Just don’t throw it in my direction.

You can keep throwing rocks in your sack or you can STOP IT!

I love this video.  It’s fun but more importantly there is a lot of truth to it.  It is a simple truth that we need to take to heart.


YouTube Preview Image


By the way, you’ll need to lighten your load because we’re getting ready to climb a pretty steep portion of the mountain.