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Jun 11

Foot on the Neck


Yep… Monday again.

Mondays seem to come around more often and more quickly these days.

I turn around or look up and all of a sudden it’s Monday.  Most of the time Mondays seem to catch me flat footed and I feel the brunt of its force more so than the other days of the week.

So this morning I am picking myself up off my ass after catching Monday’s blow.  I know some of you are bothered because I used the word ass instead of rear end or bum.

It’s not a word I throw around too often, but ass is so much more descriptive.

Saying Monday knocked me on my bum sounds so gentle and… and… civilized, as if Monday would apologize for the inconvenience.

Monday: “Oh excuse me mate, I didn’t mean to bump into you this week.  I am so sorry.  Please allow me help you up and dust you off.”

But no, this Monday “sucker punched” me, laughed as I went down, and held it’s heel on my neck.  I stayed there a while this morning until I wiggled around and freed myself from under its grimy foot.

So here I am writing away and taking care of the weekly duties and slowly building up momentum to get the week rolling.

I don’t think that I am too different than most of you.  This journey of life we are all on has those times that stimulate and motivate and then times that seem to drain us.

It is my experience that there may be times when there is a definitive reason for a draining day but generally it is a mish mash of stuff that seems to have no rhyme or reason.  It’s just the nature of life.

I found a quote that fits well with the topic.

“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

.-  Joshua J. Marine


Imagine a life where there were no difficulties.  Would that be a good thing?

“Struggle” has two amazing positives to consider.

First, it forces us to move beyond where we are, step out, take action.   Unfortunately discomfort of the present tends to be a greater motivator than opportunities of the future.

Secondly, the struggle makes us stronger.  The resistances of life solidify those things that are important.  It also strengthens the internal fiber to stand and pursue the hard path to good things instead of yielding to the easier roads in life.

Although I am a bit bruised from the morning struggle, I am feeling pretty good about this Monday after all.

I guess it is time for me to take my foot off Monday’s neck and let it go about its business.  Watch out… Monday has a few more people on its list to “sucker punch” today.

Hope to see you Thursday.