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Nov 10


Aren’t you proud of me?  I have posted this blog bright and early on, of all days, THANKSGIVING.  Those of you who read the last blog know the significance of the timing of this entry.

Yes it is Thanksgiving.  So I am sure you are expecting some sweet, heart tugging, sentiment about the significance of this day.

Oh my, you know me all too well.  I will talk about Thanksgiving but it won’t be syrupy sweet.

Most of the world celebrates the same holidays as we do.  But Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday.  It is a holiday where we intentionally stop to express our thanks and gratitude for the good in our lives and the blessings we enjoy.

Side Note: Some might say that the Fourth of July would fit into the category of being uniquely American.  Yes, to some degree, but most countries have a holiday that marks a significant political event, e.g. Bastille Day in France.


I really like Thanksgiving for all the reasons everyone else does (family, food, faith, etc.) but I like it for another reason.  It is the only holiday that everyone is united on.  I mean… how can anyone argue with being thankful.

Thanksgiving and being thankful crosses every political, racial, socio-economic, and cultural group.

This should be a particularly fun and interesting Thanksgiving.  My wife and I met some new friends this year that moved to the US last May from Europe.  They are experiencing all the holidays American style for the first time.  This is their first Thanksgiving so we are making it as traditional as possible.

Side Note: Just so you know, I am talking about traditional food.  No I am not going to dress up like a pilgrim with clunky shoes and a belt buckle on my hat.

Although I think my wife would look pretty hot dressed up in a stylish black flared dress donned with apron and bonnet.  But I have a feeling she will pass on making this fashion statement.


So it will be fun seeing Thanksgiving through the eyes of people who have not experienced a holiday where being thankful is the center point.

In prep for the blog today I tried to find a really good video, poem, quotes or something as a capstone to this blog on being thankful.

It was crazy.  Virtually everything I found fell at the two ends of the continuum.  At one end of the continuum were the videos that were so schmaltzy and sickeningly sweet that I almost lapsed into an emotional sugar coma while watching them.

The other end of the continuum were the videos that could be categorized as absolutely bizarre.  They were either insanely goofy or had a political agenda for being a vegetarian or for turkey rights.

So after much searching I found a video that for all intent and purpose has nothing to do with Thanksgiving.  Well, kinda.  The people are thankful and they are expressing their thanks.

It’s a short fun video about “thanks”.


YouTube Preview Image


I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Blessings to all.

See you Monday.