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Feb 10

The Big Question

I had planned to write something else today but a comment made by Kathy raised some important insights that deserve a little more attention.

Side Note: I bet some of you are expecting me to provide Kathy’s comment here.  I’m not going to pamper your pansy butts.  No way.  You’ve got to look it up yourself.  I want to keep you fit to continue the journey.

To read Kathy’s comment all you have to do is move your curser over to the right of the blog page to Recent Comments.  Then with just a little double click on “The Wall” next Kathy’s name you’ll have it.

Now to comment on what Kathy said… I think Kathy is right.  New Yorkers are rude and egocentric.

Side Note Again: If your head is tilted wondering what in the world I am writing it means that you have read Kathy’s comment.  Kudos to you.

If your head wasn’t twisting then it means that you haven’t read the comment because you didn’t know any better.

So… read the comment.  The rest of us are going to keep moving and you will need to catch up with us.

Side note to the side note: If you happen to be a New Yorker don’t be offended.  I really really like New York and New Yorkers.  I figured you had thick enough skin to help me jab my pansy butt friends.

Okay, now to the blog.

You’re right Kathy.  It’s sad but true, there are too few Myrties in the world.  And you are also right in that people have to discover for themselves that there is always more to life beyond where they currently are.

It’s hurtful to see those we love living below the joys available and we feel impotent as to how to help.

The big question is WHY?  Why are there so few Myrties?

I think there are several reasons and some too complex to adequately address and maybe futile to explore.  But I will give it a go with a couple of thoughts to stimulate thinking.

From birth we are being programmed.  Society bombards us from birth that our adequacy and meaning is centered around a deceptive trio of “A’s” Accomplishment, Attainment, and Approval.

Side Note: Let’s be clear… there is nothing wrong with having great accomplishments, attaining wonderful unique things and having people’s approval.

The issue is believing the lie that these things determine our worth or meaning.

Those of you who have been reading this blog from the beginning know that I struggled with the need of approval.  I can assure you that pursuing any or all of the three “A’s” leads to a self imposed bondage.  If the “A’s” are your pursuit you are never free.  Any of you reading this blog who have struggled with any of the three “A’s” know how burdensome it can be.

But if we are paying attention, there is a voice calling us to better things (blog # 2).  This voice from around the corner is a voice of freedom.  This journey I have embarked upon is very liberating.

I believe to the core of my being that we all live so far below what God wants for us and has for us in this life.  There is more depth, breadth, and height and especially freedom to life

How do we become free and in turn help those stuck in the hole?  We must live a life that listens for the voice from around the corner that beckons us to something more.  We must be willing to take a risk and step out.

I would like to know why you think there are so few Myrties.  Any thoughts?

(Some of you may be wondering, Myrtie who?  I introduced Myrtie in the last blog entitled Over the Hill.)

Talk with you early next week.


Jan 10

The Voice

Good morning (well… its morning somewhere)

You ready to go?  You’re probably saying, “About time!”  Yep, I agree.  It’s kinda like going on vacation, there’s a lot of prep.  Did you bring your toothbrush?

No it’s not that kind to journey.  It is the kind you do from the comfort of your home.  Pretty cool huh?  Go on an adventure without getting off your butt.   But… (no pun intended) because you are in the safety of your home, this does not mean this journey won’t be challenging, fun, difficult, and hopefully entertaining.

Anyway, my wife wouldn’t want me to go gallivanting off with a bunch of strangers to who knows where (at least without her).

OK… we are now outside the wall that has kept us trapped much too long, the big question is, where to now?  Not back… that’s for certain.

As I sit and type I am literally tilting my head back with my eyes closed.  I feel like someone who is standing outside on a cool morning drinking in the fresh smells and sounds and feeling the soft brush of the wind on the face.

“Where to now?”    Shhhhh….  I am listening for the voice.

Side Note: While I’m enjoying the pause listening, I can almost read your mind….

“What kind of kook is this?  It’s probably some out-of-shape guy sitting in front of the TV in his underwear eating cheese curls and scratching.”  (Sorry for the visual)

Just in case you are wondering…. I’m not eating cheese curls.

But does it matter if I were the fellow I just described?   What does matter is this… if something has been stirring in your core and for some reason you are intrigued about this journey thing…. Will you take the step?   Just small ones will do.  Movement is the key… NOT speed.

OK, back to the voice.

I know… I know… you’re thinking the right medication will help those voices in the head.  But these are voices of the heart and not the head.  If you want to get rid of the voices in your heart all you need to do is ignore them.  They will evaporate pretty quickly… and so does the joy of life.

After listening for a while I still don’t hear anything.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get going.

Let me ask, does getting started without a clear direction or plan bother you?  Is it too loose and open ended for your liking?  When traveling I really like to have a map detailing the course to my destination.  But this is different.

Side Note: There are two types of journeys in life.

There are journeys with a destination and there are journeys of exploration.  You will have both types of journeys but it is imperative that you are clear as to the identity of each because success on either journey requires exactly the opposite process and mindset.

Destination: Has a clear end, defined path, checkpoints and usually a timeline.  The joy is reaching the goal.

Exploration: No clear path or timeline.  Instincts and circumstances determine the path and discovery the end.  The joy is the journey and discovery.

So off we go, I’m not worried going in the wrong direction.  If we should happen to explore the wrong path we’ll know.  We’ll turn around and look elsewhere for the prize.  Cool huh?

Ciao for now.

See you Monday

Jan 10

The Wall

Hi there… welcome back.

I hate to start off with bad news and be somewhat discouraging but…  we haven’t even started yet and we have our first challenge… the wall.

I finally decide to go on this adventure of discovery and wouldn’t you know, I ran smack dab into the garden wall.  Yep, and I hit it hard.  Bruised myself up a bit.

Facts about walls:

  1. They hurt when you bump into them.
  2. Everyone has them.
  3. Walls are not accidents.  Walls are intentional… built for a purpose.  They are created to keep things in or to keep things out.
  4. Here’s the scary one.  If not careful, the garden walls intended for good (protect and defend) subtly transform into the walls that trap rather than protect.  Without our knowledge we become imprisoned and we don’t realize our fate until we try to step beyond the parameter.
  5. You don’t go over or around walls… you go through them (more about that at another time).

Making the decision to step beyond the safety of the familiar is one thing, but actually taking a few steps is another.  I wrote the first two blog entries over five weeks ago and POW – I hit my wall.  The idea was to get six to ten blog entries in queue, release them on a schedule and this would allow me to get in a rhythm of writing.  Good plan huh?

What I didn’t plan on was my progress being hindered by the very walls I mentioned in the last blog entry… “what will people think?  will this be interesting? etc. etc. ad nausium.

It was easy to use the excuses such as the time consuming discipline needed to write and the commitment required to launch an ongoing blog.  Good excuses but in reality, it was the putting of my self at risk which stopped me.  I was rationalizing.

My definition of RATIONALIZE:  Rational Lies

But thank goodness, through the malaise the persistent soft piercing voice from beyond the wall (blog # 1) broke through.  I came to the realization that the fear of losing out on what is awaiting me is greater than the fear of the prison wall of what people think.  That is an awesome point of awareness.

Side Note:  Fear is an interesting paradox.  There is fear that debilitates and fear that motivates.  If not careful, fear becomes a seductive voice for non-action.

I bounced around in the confines of the wall far too long in my life.  Now that I am finally getting through my wall we can now proceed.

Ooops, I forgot… what about your walls?  Have you addressed the walls you have?

You can still walk along if you like but you’ll never really get to where you are going until you deal with your walls.  I don’t know the answer for you but I do know what I needed to do.  I needed to finally identify them for what they are.   A point of “Marking the Wall”.

This is what I needed to do.  If you are daring, I encourage you to mark your wall.  You can do it any way you want but you might want to consider posting it on the blog.  No one knows you… so think about it.

Rest well.  You’ll need it this Thursday for the next step of the journey.

Jan 10

The Direction

Howdy.  I didn’t know if you would be back.  Glad you’re here.

How’s the journey so far?  Psyche!  I’m just playin with your head.  We haven’t even started yet.

But then again I may have spoken too quickly.  Your visiting again may be a part of your journey.  I need to honor that.  Forgive me for violating rule # 1 of travel.

Rule of Travel

# 1.  Every person’s journey is different

I don’t judge yours and you don’t judge mine.  But insights and feedback are welcome.  I don’t know about you but I need all the help I can get.

We may walk on the same path for a while but we may be looking for something different and the things we encounter together will be experienced differently.  That’s the joy of having a companion.

The first decision is which direction we are going to go.  We have many choices.  But one thing is clear, I may not know what direction to go, but I do know what direction NOT to go… back toward the house.  This is a journey outward not inward.

The confines of the house are all too familiar.  I have spent too many years poking around inside trying to figure how every thing fits together and what it means.  If our focus is only inward we become trapped in an emotional cul-de-sac.

The decision to step beyond the known is a big deal.  It’s risky.  This risk is different than what you may think.  Like many, I enjoy taking risks.  I am willing to try new foods, travel to weird places, experience different types of entertainment, and my wife would say my driving is risky.

The risk that I am talking about is self.

Honestly, it is very tempting to forget the whole thing.  I sit typing on the keyboard and I don’t want the hassle or hard work.

Side note:  This blog thing is not a casual endeavor for me.  I am very serious when I say that this is a journey.  I have no idea if anyone is reading this or even cares.  But all I know is that I hear a call from beyond the wall.

I don’t know much, but this I know… there is something remarkable beyond the wall.  I realize that it will be frightening (most likely terrifying), extremely difficult, invigorating, life giving and transforming.  I am scared to death that people will think this blog is stupid, my grammar is terrible and the journey thing is ridiculous.

What makes this particularly difficult is the fact that I am not a writer.  Words do not tumble easily from my heart and head.  They struggle to find their birth on the page.  Whether they have meaning in their life is yet to be known.

The reality is… I know that I don’t have to respond to the call.  I can sit, watch TV and dull my senses to the point where the call is no longer heard and the prickly awareness that currently motivates me can be eliminated.

Even though I feel I am at risk and it’s gonna be challenging… I must go.

If you wish, join me on an adventure into the unknown.

You ready?!  In the old TV show The Cisco Kid, Cisco had a sidekick named Pancho.  His signature line whenever they were leaving was, “Let’s Went”!

So…  Let’s went… any direction but IN.

Hopefully I will see you Monday.

Jan 10

A bottle in the ocean

My first blog entry.  Weird.

I kinda feel like an obscure speck somewhere in the universe putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the cyber sea and wondering if anyone on a distant shore will by chance catch a glimpse of it and read the scribbled message.

Apparently you have happened upon this bottle and have read this far.  What now?  You can casually toss it to the side and continue cyber surfing or does something stir your curiosity.

Something intriguing that stays your attention.

Side Note*

Have you ever noticed how odd it is that for no apparent reason something seemingly ordinary stirs something below the surface?  It touches and moves you and we don’t know why.  We sense it and we tilt our head like a dog hearing a strange noise.

Pay attention.  It’s a gift.  Hopefully the mystery draws you to explore.

*Side notes are just random thoughts that hit me in mid sentence.  So I’ll throw them in.

Back to the cyber bottle… You may be wondering about the person on the other end of the message.  Who is this lost soul in cyber space?

Well… I’m just an ordinary guy.  Nothing too special… I’m a nice person, pretty good sense of humor (albeit weird) and insecure enough to worry too much about what people think.  I feel deeply, laugh freely, and usually keep a lot inside.  Don’t ask me why, I don’t really know… I just do.

I’m getting ready for a journey.  This is not your typical trip with suitcases, tourist brochures and cheesy sunglasses.  The journey is into the unknown, beyond the self I know and this blog is primarily the vehicle.

The journey is beyond the safe confines of the walled garden of self.  The familiar, safe, cozy world I live in.  But my comfortable world has been disturbed.  Something (or someone) is calling from beyond the wall.  My head is tilted and my curiosity peaked.

I’m not sure where I’m going.  I’m just going.  All I know is that I’m supposed to go on this walk.  Don’t ask me how I know… I just know.

The stir has been deep.  Something inside wanting out.  Not aggressive… more restless.   Something slowly waking up and beginning to poke at the confines of it’s environment.  Like someone cautiously pushing on a wall in a creepy old house to determine the strength and stability.

Feeling stirred is a gift.  There is a difference between being stirred and being troubled about something.  Invite the stirring to occur.  Let it grow, let it take shape, let it push and struggle its way to the surface.  It has to come out from within; I cannot get to it from the outside.  All I can do is nurture, invite and remove the obvious barriers that limit.

All I know is that something is stirring… and that’s a good thing.

The stirring has been the catalyst for this journey.  Anyone want to join me?  It would be nice to have company but I’m content going it alone.

Maybe your first step is to tag along for a while to see what it’s about.  Maybe you’ll just pop in every now and then to see where I am.  That’s ok too.  Whatever you decide to do is fine with me.

I want to ask… have you been feeling something begin to stir from the depths?  If so, I encourage you to be a bit adventurous.

Maybe I’ll see you on Thursday.  Ciao.